What one can & should expect to find in housing quality

I have noticed a dramatic difference in style, quality, and design between western style homes and Taiwanese style homes. Some of it was shockingly different.

In The US:

I have always been used to living with wall-to-wall carpet and, in some cases, hard wood floors. Bathrooms were always tub/shower combinations or shower stalls lined with tile. Floors in the bathroom were always linoleum and always had ventilation. Kitchens always consisted of a tall refrigerator freezer combination, oven and stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, ample counter space and cabinet space, and eating areas. This is what I have been used to all my life. Even when I lived in Japan and Switzerland housing was very similar to what I have been accustomed to. However, Taiwan has been the exception

Is this, in general, the common style and quality of housing in Taiwan? I love to cook and need a larger roomier kitchen. Is it an unreasonable expectation? Are there homes in Taiwan that aren

You haven’t taken a tour inside the apartments of Taipei’s elite…those are truly impressive…Sub-Zero refrigerators, Thermador professional ranges and vent hoods, granite countertops, crystal chandeliers, tasteful use of oak/cherry hardwood and marble floors, imported wallpapers, custom furniture and cabinets, jacuzzi baths, etc…

I guess it all comes down to one thing: money. If you are willing to spend a lot, you can probably get any place you desire.

[quote=“derek1978”]Everything just felt dusty, dirty, and moldy. It was on the 6th floor and had no elevator/lift. The ceiling in the stairwell varied in height on each floor so you really had to watch your head. [/quote] Chinese are some richest people in the world and they get that way through being thrifty and making due with less as well as pulling their money together and being enterprising by starting their own company. Anyone who lives on the 6th floor without an elevator is someone who is very thrifty and could care less about creature comforts like even an elevator! You get it? It is so bad that they can’t even sell it and they have to rent it to poor foreigners that have no idea there are better places if you just pay more money. Taiwan is a very expensive place to live, if you want to live nice either get a really really small studio or pay more. Most everyone lived in a one floor San He Yuan 40 years ago so anything was better than 100 year old family homes. Loads of people move from the countryside to Taipei and the KMT (China Nationlist Party) made everything temporary as they were planning on going back to their motherland ASAP.

With that said, I agree with you, the houses here suck. The only thing you can do is to buy one and fix it up the way you want it, or do that with a longterm rental. Be thankful you don’t live in Hong Kong then not only would you live in a dump, it would be smaller than your dump here.

whoah big fella… careful how you throw that phrase around… :slight_smile:

If you want to live nice, as you say.

Cheap place to live if you can go basic. In a cheapness contest I think I could get by on 10,000nt a month with no sharing and live like an aboriginal king and his queen on 10,000nt each or 20,000nt a month sharing a place. Not in Taipei though and not eating foreign food and not commuting.

Otherwise. Yes, concret box and mould city.

I’ve run 3 dehumidifiers hard this winter. Such a difference. No mould and the place smells fresh when you walk in, instead of smelling like a dungeon.

you leave the dehumidifiers on all the time?

No, the bedroom one goes on when we/I get up and off at bedtime. 1 hour prior saves the drip noise problem.

Laundry and clothes storage room has it on all the time.

Large dehumidifier downstairs is on about 16 hours a day. Noise pisses me off if I’m around it. It drains directly so never needs emptying.

Electricity bill was 4,000nt for 2 months.

Summertime we a split sycle airconditioner downstairs for 12 hours and then run the bedroom for about 10 hours each day.

Bill in summertime is about 3-4,000nt for 2 months.

About 40 pings of apartment/house.

I’m obsessed with dehumidifiers. Seriously, emptying them is like Christmas. As long as I see water pooling in the tray, it stays on and I stay happy. Can’t believe I lived so long without one.


I’m obsessed with dehumidifiers. Seriously, emptying them is like Christmas. As long as I see water pooling in the tray, it stays on and I stay happy. Can’t believe I lived so long without one.


1? is that enough. You know you can stick a hose in the back then run it into the floor drain. (you know, where the cockroaches stick their heads up from)

We live on top of a mountain and it is defintely wetter. First year we had none and clothes and stored stuff in cuboards and everywhere was mouldy. I never want a repeat.

we are mountain folk as well… i upstairs and one downstairs… need more i think.

No! I love emptying them, I get a perverse sense of satisfaction.