What overseas office is better to get visitor visa

Please can anybody tell me:

  1. What office in Bangkok or in Hong-Kong is more fast (and how many days) to get visitor visa for 2 months?
  2. What papers do I need to prepare in both cases?
  3. I have Taiwan friend who invite me to is coming Taiwan and to teaching English, what papers he have to prepare for me and where he can take it?
  4. What prices are for THE airtickets (both sides up and down) from Bangkok to Taipei and from Hong-Kong to Taipei?

I have read something in sites of MOFA - BOCA, but when words said by people it’s more easy to see :slight_smile:

thanks and hopes to all!

Can you provide more information? Please mention your nationality, profession, highest level of education attained, university attended, married or single, nationality of spouse, where you are currently living, and how long you plan to stay in Taiwan. Will you be looking for work in Taiwan?

I regularly get lots of email about these types of visa questions.

Does anyone have a comprehensive “visa application primer” for Taiwan??