What politicians are good speakers?

I am watching Tony Blair’s speech about the Lebanon/Hezbollah-Isreal conflict.

Without getting into politics, I really think that he is a great speaker.

I have seen several of his speeches and I really think he is quite charistmatic. He adds humor and is much less “dry” than a lot of politicians.

He is quite well spoken and appears quite sincere compared to a lot of politicians.

Who else do you think is a good speaker and why?

A lot of politicians are good speakers, they say the right things (that look like they care about the electorate)when they need to be elected, and when in power they do the right things for the benefit of who propped them up, the people are just useful idiots in their eyes.

I remember talking to a labour MP in the street, only briefly and I said a few comments that pissed her off. All I said was the truth and the denial would have made a convict in a court proud.

We have to question all politicians and when they make their decisions ask “who benefits?” We don’t.

Believe me the scum bag ‘BLIAR’ IS NOT sincere.
He tells lies and talks a good game, but it’s all to benefit the financial institutions who really pull the strings in the UK.
Most of the people in the UK can’t stomach him. He’s a smug bastard.

All you need to do is ask why is he so close to Bush?
That is enough to realise he’s a Pied Piper.

Bill Clinton is an excellent speaker. Very informed.

They say the Antichrist is going to be a very charismatic speaker. He’ll say all the right things extremely well while sticking everyone in the back at the same time.

He’s got some pretty good warmup acts going these days.