What post-Covid changes would like to see?

Not the heavy obvious stuff, like eliminating poverty, universal health care, distribution of wealth.

But the small stuff that gets overlooked, or just accepted but still irks.


The original Law & Order is available for stream.

No more handshaking.


I hope to see people being more diligent when it comes to disease prevention. Like maintaining better hygiene practices and not coughing or sneezing on others. Little things like wearing masks when sick with respiratory illnesses as has long been done in Taiwan. I’d also like to see companies urging sick employees to stay at home instead of demanding they come to the office and penalizing them if they don’t. Oh, and vaccinating your kids; no more anti-vax BS.

The result will be better overall public health, more productivity, and lower healthcare costs.


I think the work dynamic is going to change, at least possibly in the US.

As I’m currently on lockdown in London, I’ll reply from a London perspective:

  • More people cycling and walking to work, which should hopefully lead to better cycling facilities on the roads
  • People being more conscientious of spreading viruses to other people, with wearing masks on public transport no longer being a weird thing that only Asian tourists do
  • Working from home becoming more widespread (this actually applies to Taipei than London, because most of the good companies here already allowed it before the pandemic hit)

Not vaccinating children should be made a criminal offence.


I’m hoping that the introduction of a Covid vaccine will put an end to it as well.

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There’s no vaccine for HIV, and they’ve been working on it for nearly 40 years. Don’t hold your breath.

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*I’d like to see no more buffets or by the pound hot bars.

*I’d like to see food deserts eliminated.


Yet vaccines have been introduced for many other viruses.

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And to be honest, while I support vaccines this one I would probably not get. Little skittish about this one.

There have been several reports of successful initial human trials in the last few weeks. It’s coming.

Indeed. And we all hope that it happens. The pessimist in me is a bit sceptical, though.

Sorry, off-topic, but why wouldn’t you get a clinically sound, tested HIV vaccine?

No I meant for Covid-19.

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Gotcha. I may also be a little reticent, due to my age and health.

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Industries, factories and international organizations leaving China, both physically leaving and also leaving their influence.


Guess this counts a heavy one but less reliance on coal:

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It’s a retrovirus so more difficult to dislodge.

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No handshaking is good I guess.

Mainly more cycling and walking , more recognition of employees and general public health being important.

Remote working is the big one, which may allow me to move out of the big city.

Will be happy to see my family again don’t take them and friends for granted. Will be very happy to be able to travel for a foreign holiday . :grin:

People understanding where food comes from better. Eat more fresh veggies, meats, fruits. And don’t take those farmers for granted. I hope people eat at home and cook themselves more instead of eating fast food.