What’s a T? and what’s a Po?

No? ok no issue

No, the T in “T and P” does not mean “transgender.”

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So @tommy525 got fuckin stopped by 2 girly lesbianers?

I’m having trouble with that…


Can I ask a question about the tomboy? It’s not my intention to be insulting but I can see how it might be perceived this way.

I’m not sure anyone here is qualified to answer you definitively

I have definitely covered this before…

There it is!


Well, to me, there is nothing manly about the tomboy. To me, the tomboy looks like an out of shape nerdy type, at least with the couples here in Taiwan. A bit on the pudgy side, usually not tall, no muscle, no edge and very soft looking, etc. Now I know the goal is not to actually be exactly like a man, but I just don’t get it. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

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Is this Taiwan slang, or something more broad? Also, how polite is it to use this slang?

I don’t think it’s polite or impolite, but it might be kind of weird and maybe inappropriate as you’re not a lesbian and so it’s not really within your domain.

You’re all quite a bit out of your depth here. Just accept that different people are attracted to different characteristics.

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Okay, I will try.


some po in taiwan are very pretty. they are more feminine then normal girls even

You didn’t just fucking say that… :roll:


I guess the term “manly” I used is simply wrong, sorry for the confusion. I guess it would be much better to say that “T” aim to look less stereotypically girly, and “P” much more so. “T” style looks more masculine or at least less feminine. All of the above refering to the common stereotypes.

Examples: T often use binders to hide their breasts shape, often have short hair, often dress with sporty or casual (only pants, no dress/skirt), often avoid makeup. P more often look very feminine, dressing up (often dress/skirt), using makeup.

But as @Hanna mentioned, it has been discussed before.

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Yes this seems to be Taiwan specific terms. The T and Po I know use it to describe themselves, so I guess it is not generally offensive.

T = Tomboy
Po = 婆

Normal read majority ie heterosexual

Go stand in the corner and repeat a hundred times “context is everything”.

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Okay, I see. That answers what I’ve been wondering for probably a decade! Thanks. Now I need to find the right thread to ask about stinky tofu and how that could enjoyed. Something I’ve been wondering for two decades.