What’s going on with Angela Merkel?

She’s shaking like crazy. She said it’s from dehydration. I’ve never seen that from dehydration before. But potassium is important for muscle contractions so maybe it is?

She is not running in the next election in Germany. She would never voluntarily give up her position and still has support from her party.
Her reasons are personal, most likely health.

I thought her party told her to step down as the head of her party. She still can run but without the support of her party.

They were begging her not to. There are no real alternatives for her.

She doesn’t look so good. I don’t like her politics but she looks like she needs to get checked out and make sure she’s ok.

It’s not Parkinson’s. My dad’s mate had it and they don’t shake like that. It may just be dehydration.

Heatwave, feeling faint,happen to anybody.

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She looks about as healthy as the EU


Not a single #literallyshaking joke?

My disappointment is unmatchable.

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That “dehydration” is starting to look as legit as Junker’s “sciatica”.

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Ah, swirling health rumors. Straight out of the Hillary 2016 playbook. Cue her political opponents feigning concern over her health and urging her to resign.

Did they toss her in a van and speed off?

I don’t like her at all, but she should get checked to see if she’s ok. I just want her to step down…not die.

At this point there has to be some underground circle with illegal bets regarding her and Rbg…
The problem is finding it.

Well for me it seems to be Parkinson. And if so, I don’t understand why they are not making it public. For me no big deal. In the interest of her own party she should step down anyway next year at latest to give her succeder a chance to prepare the next major election.

It really doesn’t look like Parkinson’s, although I’m no expert.

To have happened twice, though. Not looking promising at her age.

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She’s heading in the direction of a well-deserved retirement!

I’m sure she’ll be watchful of both Germany and the EU.

I don’t think it’s either. Maybe it’s low blood sugar? Perhaps she developed diabetes.

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There’s clearly something wrong. Once, OK. But twice?

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