What schools pay the highest salary?

If you’re only 3 credits from a masters, how long would it take you to finish it? Could you do a summer course?

Your opportunities, and ability to negotiate pay, would increase a lot if you had that finished and a degree you’re able to attach to your name. However, most places don’t care if you’re in the process of getting it… to them, you either have it or you don’t. Just food for thought.

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I am planning on finishing the last class this fall. The summer classes at my uni all start in May, not a great time to be taking on extra work…

A lot of the jobs I’ve been seeing were for 6-700nt/ hour. No salary or perks…

I am from one of the big 5.
I have 6 years of experience. I enjoy teaching the little ones and elementary. Maybe that’s the problem?

One year before APRC.

I was able to get an interview with Teach Taiwan. My understanding is that they recruit for public schools. But I will look into individual schools for sure.
Thanks for the help!

For what? Most reputable international schools finished recruiting for 2020~2021 in February or March. Those that still have positions open, though…


Alright I guess I’m wrong. I known public schools just opened up but didn’t know international schools hire earlier.

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I do wonder if you could make the same kind of money as a private school if you just do buxibans (1 full time 1 part time) and maybe tutoring on the side. Problem would be the hours would be split up so much so probably not worth it. The hourly pay sure looks good on paper though. I’m sure there have been plenty of people who planned it right and made bank doing buxibans

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I know people who work buxibans and make more than those who work at schools. OTOH, they don’t get paid winter/summer vacations :confused: so in the end, it kind of evens out.


I am fluent in English and Chinese as well, where are the jobs for us? I really want to teach there in Taiwan and especially in Kaohsiung.

Yea say that again, cause public schools or even agency is hiring around 62000-67000 ball park with house perks already.

Why “especially” Kaohsiung? Just curious. As someone who lives there, that’s not a phrase I hear often.

Really? I first arrived in taichung and always wanted to move to Kaohsiung. I couldn’t land a good paying job as I found there’s a lack of bilingual and internationsl type schools. I heard that Taipei and taichung have more rich parents who want their kids to learn English. Who knows, but most people I know who work in Kaohsiung can only get buxiban type jobs.

I really enjoy the size of the city and the beaches. I’ve been in taichung too long and my wife will never move

I guess this is a “grass is always greener” situation. I want to live in Taipei, but my wife is a Kaohsiungnite and won’t move. And I’m not much of a beach guy. :wink:

I disagree about the job market here though. Don’t know about Taichung, but it’s definitely easier going than Taipei. No way I could get a uni gig there. We have a couple international schools that are hiring, and at least a few years ago when I was job-hunting there were a few unis hiring as well.

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How does having an APRC get you a higher salary?

Open work rights make it considerably easier to maximise income. Not technically a salary, but not far off.

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I don’t know if foreigners are allowed to do that but tutoring makes good money.

Favours for sailers makes good money, and it’s tax free. Jilong is a good place to start.

If you have people willing to pay. I’ve lost track of how many people ran away from me when I told them my rate was NT900/hr. That’s not very much for 1:1 English lessons with a native speaker who has a teaching degree and five years teaching experience. It’s less than a lot of Chinese schools charge for Chinese tutoring here too. People want to pay their tutors NT200/hr and get the best teachers. You need to tap into the ultra rich if you want to survive on a tutoring income.


most of foreigners except for those with a work based ARC may be allowed.

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