What should I bring with me to taiwan?

I’m starting school at Shida this fall. I started thinking about what should I bring with me and
after putting things like bed-linnen and towels on the list I started to think maybe I just got a little bit carried away …
what do you recommened to bring (I plan to stay for about a year, maybe more)?what about clothing? For example is it easy to find shoes size 45?
I imagine you can find almost everything in Taiwan, but what are the little things you should think of?

Searrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrch function.
This question is asked EVERY week.

i don’t know about little things, but i’d be oblidged if you could get a large bottle of jameson 12 year old in your bag.

let me know when you get here, and i’ll come get it.

Please see this thread,
http://www.forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?t=16150&start=0, and this post within it in particular:


Add to that styptic pencils. I’ve been unable to find them here. :help:

  1. wife/girlfriend
  2. computer
  3. credit card/s
  4. extra large shirts and shoes, even if you don’t wear it, you could sell it at 100% profit
  5. mosquito net/s
  6. your favorite foods
  7. medicines you need
  8. reading materials you like

A sence of humour

Big frangers, apparently.


I found multi-vitamins to be so expensive here. Last time I went home I bought a huge bottle for less than half the price in Taiwan. Even if you don’t take them at home it is worth considering taking some here while your body gets used to the new environment.

Just an idea for you,


A good umbrella! :laughing:

for me it was…

  • English books to read
  • cosmetic (except Japanese Brand)
  • clothes (don’t really like the Taiwanese / Japanese fashion)
  • vitamins
  • vibrator (I am serious!)