What should I do when I get COVID?

How do I report a positive COVID case with an rapid antigen test? Does anyone have the steps and the websites?

If you are not currently observing 3+4, then you’ll need a PCR test to get an official diagnosis. If you are observing 3+4, then you need to book a video call with a doctor on the EUCARE app.


Did you post in your other thread that you already had a PCR on the back of that positive antigen test?! How and Where to get Results from PCR Test

My rapid test came put positive today. I don’t know what to do and have not been able to find clear instructions on the Internet or the Flob.

Can I just take a few days of sick leave and stay home for a week?

I suspect that’s what most people do…

You should let your university administrators know, and follow their instructions.

I guess you’ll be working /teaching from home this upcoming week, and if you’re back on track (fingers crossed) you’ll be back in the salt mines the following Monday March 6.



Maybe take another test and when it shows negative your problem is solved.


Is there another sensible course of action?

The latest instructions from the CECC, at least, seem reasonably clear: they don’t care about recording uncomplicated cases. If your employer has not informed you of any rules that they’ve made up for themselves, I’m sure it’s safe to assume there aren’t any.

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I know they’ve been keeping track of cases, but I haven’t been following developments on this. I was ready to report my case, but couldn’t figure out how to do so so I guess it isn’t required?

But anyways, just checking in case there was something I should know. Seems I’ll hole up at home for a while and follow @afterspivak’s advice to see what my employer needs

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It is better to report. Dunno about your workplace but we have special “COVID-19 days off”, which do not affect the annual vacation.

Moreover, it is good to have access to telemedicine. Knowing you can ask for extra meds if the coughing gets too bad or -heaven forbid- you get the runs, gives you peace of mind.

Even with a mild case, rest and more rest is highly recommended. For starters.

If you have any chronic condition/immune deficiency/over a certain age/ reporting gives you peace of mind in case you might take a turn for the worse.

Use the special phone line to report or if you have an ENT clinic nearby/that you go to, they can help. Ask a friend or someone here to help pick up meds/food. Take lots of liquid, soup, tea, juice. And best of luck.

Usually, it is safe to go out - as to not be contagious - after two negative tests. Even if you do not have to quarantine, you should rest.

Wish you get well quickly, don’t have strong symptoms, and especially don’t keep any long term COVID souvenirs.


Ok, but

If the CDC had a REPORT button on the website, I’d already be done. I asked a friend who sent some useless QR codes. After an hour of trying to report and not being able to, seems it isn’t necessary or they wouldn’t make it so difficult


Well, they have the local clinics, closer to thee. The local hospitals. The app. The LINE.

And yes, they are in Chinese.

If I’m sick, contagious, and fine at home, going out seems like a bad idea.


agree. awful timing too over the holiday. hope you feel well soon. also, if it were me I’d just dial the covid 4 digit hotline and tell them you’re positive and they ought to take it from there.


Yep. That is why you can call 1922 or your local clinic and have a friend/friends get you the meds/supplies you need.

Leaving aside this is a tricky virus - common cold does not trigger diabetes, for example - better have someone looking out for you even if you feel “well”.

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I did a google search for “taiwan covid report 4 digit hotline” and no 4 digits came up

Ah, finally. Ok, thank you

I have all the things I need already, and told a friend who can check on me. Unless I need to go to a hospital I don’t need anything. And I don’t want to go to a hospital if I don’t need to.

Might call the number later


it’s 1922

Your doctor needs to report it for you through their own internal channels, because they need to first make a determination whether you actually have Covid. You can’t just call the number yourself (although you can certainly call for general advice).

Once your doctor determines you probably have Covid, and reports you, you will receive an official home quarantine order from the CDC via SMS.