What should I wear? :)


i’m planning on going to either luxy or mos for nye but i’m not sure what the dress standards are like. can you get away with wearing jeans and sneakers like in london clubs or is it a little more dressy?


Depends how old your sneakers are, I suppose! Anyway, just wear either a pink shirt or a pink neck tie then people concentrate to look at that.

If you’re female you can wear pretty much whatever you want and they’ll let you in. If you are a guy, jeans are fine, but no shorts or sandals. Sneakers should be fine as long as they aren’t too grungy looking.


Don’t forget the ear rings … have them dangling

they won’t match my blouse… :wink:

Designer threads, velvet cravatte, Jean Paul Gaultier tinted specs (at night) …and the ever so fashionable mullet!
Make a statement!

What is a sneaker ?
I have sneaked in many clubs when i was a young buck.

Wear your cock on your sleeve :bravo:

Plaid…wear lots of plaid.

Especially plaid trousers.

sweet. thanks for all the tips guys!

i ended up going with a spandex jumpsuit and leg warmers.