What smartphone/plan do you recommend?

I want to get a smartphone because I want an all in one device. I want to get a smartphone with a really good camera because my folks are dying to see photos of my life in Taiwan. I think I will look for a one year contract. From what I understand I will pay about 12k for the phone plus about 13-1400 NT per month for service. Is this an average deal? Any advice about providers? My employer recommended Taiwan mobile…

Thanks for the advice.!

See the HTC One thread in this forum

If you really need unlimited data and you don’t call that much, I would recommand Taiwan Dagedas 489 unlimted data fare.
Those you can mix with different call rates starting as low as 299 NT$.

Pretty good deals in my opinion, however, you can “officially” don’t get the high-end phones. Still doable, but then these
699 unlimited (well, except iphone is actually 800NT$) data plans are better deals regarding the whole package price
for the entire 2 years contract time.

Back to “489”
Currently HTC SV and Galaxy S3 Mini are quite nice phones, but again only if you don’t mind to have the newest biggest
gimmick. In my opinion they are doing the job quite good and regarding a possible 2 year contract your costs will be
roughly almost half (25K instead of partly over 40k)

Just my 2 Cents