What software have you installed on your Smart Phone?

What Chinese input software have you installed on your phone/PDA?
What other fun or useful gadgets are there?
If your phone has no GPS, what external receiver do you recommend and how does it work?

I have this one cool app. It is a English to Chinese(or reverse) dictionary. You can input as English BoPoMoFo or Pinyin! It’s java based so it works on most phones.

I can’t remember the name, but if I can find it again, I’ll upload it so peeps can download it.

Whats a SmartPhone?

None … don’t have a smart phone … my phone is dumb, I’m the smart one here …

Oh my mobile isn’t a smart phone, just some crappy Sony Ericsson.

You can download the program I use from here:


You have 7 days or 100 downloads(whatever comes first) to download it.

Here’s a good smartphone download site: