What Song is This?

So many aubergines is a different kind of party, you know? :howyoudoin:

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Diamonds and Pearls :x:
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend :x:

Headline when Diamond Baby has returned

Big hint: Elton John


Winner! :tada:


That was a big hint!

It’ll still be happening in the morning

The Vamps - Up All Night?

No, not about being up.

The Sleep by Pantera?

@RickRoll is closest. Sleeping would normally be involved, though that word or synonyms are never mentioned.

The title of the song is an imperative statement. The clue is a reason for making the statement.


Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!?

No, this is a clear reason for the instruction.


Not bad, but no.

Me and my wife always have a laugh about this song. It was a big hit. There’s a Minnan word “hen-a” which is something like an impatient “yes” people use in conversation. An English phrase repeated in the song sounds like it. It’s hard to unhear it once you hear it.

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Fleetwood Mac - Tango In the Night?