What songs would you put on Lien's or Chen's iPod?

It’s all so tense at the moment. I do hope you won’t think it in bad taste to add a little levity to the proceedings, to raise a smile.

What songs would you recommend for Lien or Chen to listen to in these trying times?

For Chen:
:laughing: “Woke up this morning, feeling fine…”
:wink: “Somewhere over the rainbow skies are [color=blue]blue[/color]…”

For Lien:
:rainbow: “I can’t get no…duh duh duh… Satis FACTION duh duh duh…”
:stuck_out_tongue: “fan le fan le fan le buneng huxi, fan le fan le fan le, xieshr dili, wofan le, wo fan le” [er, maybe you haven’t heard that last one…]
:smiley: “one two three oclock four oclock rock, five six seven oclock eight oclock rock, nine ten eleven oclock twelve oclock rock we’re going to rock… around… the clock… tonight”

For Lien:

-Loser by Beck

-Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) by Motley Crue

-Give It Up, Turn It Loose by En Vogue

-a medley by The Unseen and Godley and Creme of their songs What Are You Gonna Do? and Cry

It’s my Party and I’ll Cry if I Want


Chen: “I got the POWER!”
[Think, ‘Bruce Almighty’]

“Those Were the Days”…Cream
“God Save the Queen”…The Sex Pistols (the Queen=KMT?)
“Hey, Hey What Can I Do”…LZ
“Running Against the Wind”…Bob Seiger
“It’s the End of the World”…REM

Anything by the Butthole Surfers because Lien/Soong are really trying to bugger Taiwan.

Lien -

Glad to see you go - Ramones

Pinhead - Ramones

Bonzo goes to bitburg - Ramones

Suspect Device - Stiff little fingers

China Uber Alles - Dead Kennedy’s

Chen -

Do you like me? - Fugazi

I am a fucking champ - The fucking champs


For Chen: The Ballad of the Comeback Kid. The New Pornographers

Lien/soong “We’re not going to take it” Twisted Sister

Cops Theme song “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you!” for Lien Chan and Soong when their own party members oust them.

Beck–Lost Cause
American HiFi–The Art of Losing
Radio Head–Karma Police
Avril Lavigne–Losing Grip

James Brown–I Feel Good
Groove Armada–Shakin that Ass
Beatles–Happiness is a Warm Gun
Ella Fitzgerald/ Duke Ellington–Don’t Mean a Thing if it ain’t got that Swing (vote!)
House of Pain–Jump Around