What spices and other food items should I bring to Taiwan?


The basic noodles are good. I haven’t tried the sauces.

A very, very steep price in some cases. But it’s fun to look at.


Organic pasta. Only way to go.


The Minquan bridge Carrefour (behind Costco, next to B&Q) has reasonably priced organic whole wheat pasta, just FYI.


Now you’re talking. :wink:


I think most of them carry that these days, but it’s a tiny selection and I’m really not fond of whole wheat pasta, it just looks nasty…

And yes indeed, it’s fun to go and look in the shops here sometimes and dream about what you could’ve been buying if you lived in a more reasonably priced place when it comes to imported food…

Just got a few things from back home thanks to a mate that went back, which is also a way of doing it. I seem to be quite good at getting people to bring me little bits here and there :sunglasses:


Thanks very much for the tips. I appreciate it.


There is a lady at the Wenshan flower market who can order in any herb plants you need. She got me sage, lemon sage, oregano, Italian basil, South African basil, Taiwan basil, two kinds of hot peppers, rosemary, parsley, and chives. You can get seeds for all those, too, but I have had no luck growing things from seed. My basil and oregano are taking over the world, so much so my kids think basil is a staple vegetable.

If you drive into the carpark on the road level, her stall is right next to the carpark pay machine. She’s the corner stall. I took her the English names and she got me these things ok. She can’t speak English that I know of, though.



A bit ot but has anyone managed to grow dill on this island? I’m getting desperate for fresh dill…


Now you’re talking. :wink:[/quote]

Coscto (Neihu) now has organic pasta (a variety pack of penne ziti, gemelli and something else, little spirals?) and whole-wheat pasta (spaghetti) next to their regular stuff. The price on the organic is only marginally higher.


Had some difficulty finding a couple of things in Taichung…cant get any Nigella seeds,mustards seeds…nor wholewheat flour.
Any suggestions


Smoked paprika is not to be found in TW. Carrefoure has great cheap dried herbs from France atm.

iHerb is a good resource to get herbs actually, cheap shipping too!


Stevens, a bottle of Peri-Peri, if you’re into that sort of spice.


Mustard seeds: Trinity
Whole wheat flour: any DIY baking shop; see the stickied list

It’s here, just hard to find. P&P, open to walk-in retail customers from 1:30 to 4:30 pm, Tues-Sat. imports both hot and sweet (=not hot) versions, La Chinata brand, in large and small tins. I think Mayfull carries it.


Smoked paprika?!? Are you sure. Sweet and hot are different products. Smoked has a very particular taste- it tastes, er, smokey!


Yes, as in La Chinata brand’s pimenton de la Vera, which comes in spicy (hot) and sweet (mild) varieties, both being smoked. I recommend the sweet version, as you can always add heat by adding some cayenne to it. It does not taste sweet – they just mean ‘not hot’ by that. It is VERY smoky, really nice.