What the bleep is this thing


Harmful pest?

Exhibit A:



Yeah, I seen them before




Yeah, it’s definitely an earwig. Totally harmless to humans.


Judging by how the tails bend, it’s probably a male earwig.


Five bucks if you fiddle around with its butt!

(choose your least favorite finger).


Careful…this sentence could easily be taken out of context. :wink:


Those pincer looking things actually are just really hard butt hairs that serve no real purpose, at least from the human perspective. So technically nothing would happen if you fiddle with it, aside from it being kinda gross…


It’s good to keep one or 2 in your ears with this cold weather, protects the ear drums.



Hah, really hard butt hairs. Doesn’t really make him more lovable … but I can relate.

@discobot what’s the tensile strength of butt hairs on a male earwig?


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@discobot quote what’s the tensile strength of butt hairs on a male earwig?


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Male earwigs are a lonely lot, it seems. Understandable.


Yikes! I hope that’s staged…


Some people actually voluntarily stick earwigs in their ears because they believe it unclogs their ears or some other BS medicinal benefit.


What’s the ultimate tensile strength in gigapascals of posterior hair on a male earwig? @discobot roll 1d120


:game_die: 108


See, you need to phrase the question correctly. :slight_smile:


Does the owner of this site keep a test client? @discobot fortune