What the heck does 我在德國想拉褲 mean?

Thought I would ask it here since it was used by a Taiwanese. I am a beginner and I from what I understand it means ‘‘I am in Germany and want to pull pants’’. ‘‘pull pants’’ doesn’t make any sense for me though. I thought maybe it was some kind of Taiwanese slang. Any idea?

Germany, land of sausages, beer and wedgies.

拉屎 = defecate
拉褲子 = crap your pants

Probably the author was so excited he/she could not control his/her bowels, or was so scared he/she could not control his/her bowels.

Either way, this is not a desirable travel companion.

man, i have no frigging clue what the author is trying to say, I thought there’s a new drug called 褲 XD

A Google Image search for 拉褲 (or 拉拉褲) brings up Huggies diapers and pull-ups. I’m probably very wrong, but could it be that this person wants or misses these items?