What the hell was this Alarm ?

Tv turned in, Alarm Message and Sirene wtf im so scared nuke???!?!?!?!

Maybe consider switching to decaf?

Heard they’re having some drills over the next few weeks, but I forget the dates.
Don’t freak out so easily. Much worse for your health than imaginary nukes.

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Kaiju alarm.

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Do you have a screenshot/ picture?

That doesn’t sound like coffee, but I’ll have what he’s having!

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Nice that you’re joking, I don’t find it particulary fun getting woken up at 5:00 am by some alert message that gets blasted trough your house in a language you don’t understand.

Oh, from your first post I thought you meant it was an alarm that suddenly sounded on your TV.

The fire alarms in our building sometimes get a bit weird. Two or three weeks ago it went off several times in one night, never for longer than a couple of seconds. No idea why, and I never followed up on it. I’d guess it’s something like that.

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guess its cause i got woken up and was shocked, so i thought the tv or the inbuild radio makes the alarm

Ah… you must be new here.


yup, arrived in jan

Ok, please expensive with more detail: time, duration, location. Anything else you might remember.

I thought it was a phone alarm.

Yes, they are doing drills but 5am?! No wonder you’re shaken, I’d have had a heart attack. And I have been here 20 years. Or slept through it.

They do have a speaker system in most neighbourhoods for announcements. Yet again, they are usually innocuous…and not at 5am.

Seems we will have this alarm in use.

Yes, let us know what time, the town and the nearest cross street we can use to identify your location but still protect your privacy. So you said that it was an alarm with a voice announcement.
“…I don’t find it particularly fun getting woken up at 5:00 am by some alert message that gets blasted through your house in a language you don’t understand.”
Welcome to Taiwan! You’ll be surprised and startled so much that you will think it’s normal.
Anyway… Curious Take your cell phone, grab a Chinese friend and ask about what you heard. Besure to record your conversations to play for someone who is good at translation.

We need a “Tensions Alarm,” or better yet, a “Tensions-o-Meter.” Then every time we deem tensions to have risen, we can move the minute hand closer to midnight, or however it goes, and journalists will report on us.

Another Tía Pánico exclusive.:roll_eyes:

Nothing personal, mija, but what a crock of shit.

China’s growing military might and Beijing’s threats to challenge the status quo across the Taiwan Strait

Taiwan’s military is said to be…

People familiar with the matter told…

And again

People familiar with the matter told…

I’d give more credibility to the Dungi lady at the Shiao Beitou temple when she channels the Drunk God on Saturday nights…

Sorry, missed the Zzzz emoji.

Joke going round the bunker was like how this is the perfect time to start a coup, as the boss is not in. A change of pace with the wishes that a missile will hit her plane and other of that sort of vibe.

Actually, Auint Panic’s money is that we will use the volcano alarm first.

Well, they get their prders from the Other Side, to “make sure people are scared of us”. That way markets can be manipulated, weapons sold. “Green is the only color that matters, and dollars are green”.

Just remember our Querida TĂ­a was right on Trump, with extra points for predictions of ensuing chaos. I do! Oh how I laughed!

Hell, no, please. I already have experince with volcanic eruptions.

What you guys do not undertsnad is that Auntie Panic gets nervous easily because up to this day she has survived several over 8 point earthquakes -as in plural, at least 3-, floods, car accidents -flip overs, not just collissions-, fires, epidemics, wild animals, muggings, house break ins, civil wars and terrorist attacks, etc. Then I got to Taiwan where we have been threatened with missiles, had floods, earthquakes, SARS, and I have been run over 3 times. So, yes, I expect accidents to happen.

SH** HAPPENS! Stay alert! :runaway:

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You should get a job in a Road Runner cartoon.