What the hellllll? (weirdness from the neighbors)

This morning I was woken up ass early by me neighbor blaring some pop country shit. I thought for a moment that I had died in my sleep and gone to hell but then remembered I moved here willingly. After having to hear this horrible shit way over volumed all morning I just ran into my neighbor. He asked me if I liked his music. I told him that I would appreciate it if he would keep it down a bit. He then told me he played it for me. For me?? And then he went on and on (and I do mean on and on) about how this was the kind of music big noses listen to. After he was finished telling me all about what kinds of stuff I like, I told him that I actually do not like this kind of music. And moreso prefer the sound of music that I play in my own room, and not the music thatother’s play loudly enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.

All of this ended with my neighbor telling me I was a rude awful person for not being grateful for when people try to do nice things for me.
The weirdest thing of all of this is that I think he might be serious… that he was playing the music FOR me…

… you don’t understand Taiwanese culture :smiley:

Some things are better left misunderstood.

He rikes you!

Sounds like he fancies you. This could be a the lesser spotted Taiwanese mating call? :s

I thought I had it bad with a lady listening to opera and screeching along with it while she does her laundry on a rooftop across from me, but…you win. I guess you better hope it doesn’t become a trend. Bu yau neighbor DJ.

With this man that is not only an icky idea, but a scary one.

i try to be rude to people like that right off the bat, to establish immediately that i am rude, so it can’t become an issue in later conversation, which usually never occurs because any conversation stops quickly.

My whole neighborhood and especially this apartment is so eerily quiet most of the time I actually was happy when they started gutting one floor of the building next to mine for a few days. Alas, I just returned from 3 weeks on the east coast to find the work has been finished.

Speaking of weird music, I was in Taroko Gorge on a road that leads into a relatively unexplored part of it. I parked my car and headed out for a short hike. When I returned I spent a bit of time drying myself off in the parking lot as it had been raining. I was in the middle of nowhere though there was a small shack across the river. Suddenly a big band number from the 30s comes on speakers at a really high level. It was from the shack and I swear they were playing it for me, too.

I was walking through Daan park the other night and came across a group of senior citizens doing the Texas two-step to “All My Exes live in Texas”. They were some very friendly folks, but damn that was surreal.

Suchafob, if you want people to stop bugging you in Taiwan you should do something about your blonde hair. Young, pretty, skinny, blond-haired girl …they just can’t control themselves around you and who can blame them? I thought you’d have gotten used to it by now.