What the World Needs Now is Jeb Bush

What in the name of all that’s holy is he doing in Asia? What possible contribution could he possibly make? What is he selling? So he is an expert on what exactly? Who is paying for this?

I notice Thailand has rejected financial aid. It would be interesting to see what strings were attached to the “aid”. Something along to order of “we’ll provide US$500m worth of aid in the form of 6,000 Humvees”.

At least that hideous “I’m more generous than you” pissing contest is over.

supposedly he is an expert in managing disaster recovery after the Florida Tornados.

Schumacher just donated 10 million Euros.

Jeb–the perfect candidate to run against Hillary in 2008.

Please! Can’t you Americans find someone from the Reagan family next time! No more Bush’s. I mean: he has his moments, this Mr. W., but…

Reagan was a class of his own. I hated him in the 80’s, when my country had nuclear rockets from Sowjet Union and USA pointing at the corresponding half of the country, but I love him now and looking backwards.

Sigh, that “horse without a rider” of the funeral really had me crying, no joke. :blush:

Jeb is a pandering idiot who hasn’t done half as much good for Florida as Bob Graham did. He gives in too much to the reactionary Cuban exiles in Miami who can’t wait for Fidel to die so they can get their vast landholdings back. Even the Republicans know better than to have yet another of the Bush spawn to lead. :noway:

Maybe Bob Honest would prefer…is it Michael Reagan who was the gay ballet dancer?

So all those hundreds of thousands of people who have been fleeing Cuba for the past 40 years have actually been reactionary landlords? :laughing: Keep smoking that weed boy!

[quote]One outcome of communist victory in Cuba was a flood of middle and professional class refugees to the United States. Many of these refugees established large Cuban communities in Miami, Tampa, and New York City.

In 1980, the Cuban government allowed 125,266 Cubans, including a number of criminals as well as persons with mental illness, to leave Cuba in the “Mariel boat lift.” While most “Marielitos” were healthy and guilty only of wanting to leave a repressive system, this extraordinary event is often seen only as a means of Cuba ridding itself of the mentally ill and criminals. In the 20 years since the Mariel boat lift, 1,425 of the Marielitos have been sent back to Cuba and 1,750 remain in the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) (Ojito, 2000). Most Marielitos have enjoyed success in the U.S., while others have had greater difficulty than earlier Cubans in establishing themselves.

The most recent large influx of Cubans was in 1994, when about 30,000 “rafters” reached the U.S. Since then, the INS has sent all Cubans stopped in the water back to Cuba, while allowing those who reach land to stay. From the beginning of modern Cuban immigration of refugees in 1959 and continuing until today, there have been large numbers of family reunification cases.
Most early Cuban refugees to the U.S. were of Spanish origin, while later refugees and immigrant groups have included more people of mixed or African origin.[/quote]


don’t worry- jeb’ll just keep the presidency seat warm until the nephew is old enough: a bush man by god, and hispanic on his mother’s side. fluent in spanish and an ivy leaguer. tall, dark, suave and smooth. he’ll be president before we die.

Would you prefer Posh Spice and Becks?

Good news. Considering the fact Thailand didn’t issue a warning because they were afraid it would affect tourism, it’s the least they can do.

Elizabeth Taylor was busy.

Would you prefer Posh Spice and Becks? [/quote]

Absolutely. Well actually, Kylie and a crate of Becks would be better, but beggars can’t be choosers. :wink:

first of all, p. is not an ivy leaguer.

in common parlance, your college experience is defined by your alma mater. therefore, there’s a significant difference between someone who does undergrad at harvard college and someone who goes to harvard business school. clinton spent almost as much time at oxford as at yale, but i would not consider him the product of either school. he will always be defined by his undergrad, georgetown.

w. is an ivy leaguer and a yalie because he went to yale college(the undergrad school). his harvard association through business school is an afterthought.

anyway, that’s all besides the point since p. went to rice and ut law school…like a good aspiring texas politician should. :wink:

YES! He is married, I checked. And rather left. Tree hugger and stuff, but married.

I think the election campaign would be like that:

The Republicans (assuming Michael will run for Democrats) will come up with the “Swing Girls for Truth”, being a gay (but they are married!) ballet-dancing singers group (formerly known as the Blue Oyster Baritons), in which Michael once starred, to state: “Michael always escaped when the shit was flying high. He did not even want to join the group and then he did not complete his term. Just think of that evening when we had to perform in that redneck bar in Lousianna. Said he cannot stand the mosquitos and the humidity. Pah”.

They will probably declare Hillary Clinton (after her change of sex running for the Republicans) had never ever avoided any…

[okay, I should be more carefull what herbs I buy in a Chinese market. Better I take a deep breath now and take some Vitamine]

Leave it to Republicans to idealize the golden years of Mafia-run Cuba of old, when most of the population lived in impoverished rural communities with poor education and health systems. Those were the days! The disenfranchised professionals who left and the greedy rich bastards who stole a good portion of that nation’s wealth are lionized by the Republicans. No surprise there. Fortunately, most people don’t see things so simplistically and hopefully the ridiculous US embargo will end since it doesn’t punish anyone except the average Cuban citizen.
Jeb certainly has more admirable qualities than his brother but still has some typical Republican faults:
-against some abortion rights
-doesn’t consider violence against homosexuals a hate crime
-supports prayer in school
On other issues he’s more liberal (i.e. rational) than his brother. If George W. is a pit bull, Jeb is a yellow lab.

i always find it amazing that the left is so against the embargo. i guess cuba can’t advance economically without us firms peddling coke and nike and setting up factories to exploit cheap cuban labor? :wink:

I like this analogy, although I have not followed Jeb Bush’s policies closely enough to have a strong opinion. I also suppose that GWB was far less of a pit bull before events (9-11) made him one. I do remember that until the very late 90s, almost every Republican I talked to assured me that if either of the two was likely to become president, it was most certainly Jeb.

“He’s smarter, more moderate, more articulate, better looking, speaks fluent Spanish, has better political instincts, a better background, and of course he is taller”, they would tell me.

(For those who don’t follow American politics closely, the taller candidate virtually always wins. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, “Taller people are seen as more authoritative and as stronger leaders.” And until Bush-Kerry, the taller candidate had won the popular vote 88% of the time, with only 3 losses in over 100 years.)

Better to ‘exploit’ the Cubans than the Chinese

[quote=“bob_honest”]Please! Can’t you Americans find someone from the Reagan family next time! No more Bush’s. I mean: he has his moments, this Mr. W., but…

Absolutely. Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, would get my vote…


happy weekend,

in common parlance, your college experience is defined by your alma mater. therefore, there’s a significant difference between someone who does undergrad at harvard college and someone who goes to harvard business school.

And what is the difference?

[color=darkred]The difference is your parents or other relatives. You are 400% more likely to get into Harvard if a relative went there than if you are not a legacy applicant.[/color] As reported in the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. H admission is in turn dependent on a group of 7 prep school(Andover, etc) which is again highly dependent on whether your family are alumni of that prep school.

Disclaimer: I got into another top 10 school (not H) yet have no blue blood in me and come from a farm in USA. My unusual experience undercuts my argument: family relations trump most but not all admissions factors in the admissions process

No – the gay ballet dancer would be Nancy and Ronald’s son, also named Ronald Reagan.
And Bob Honest – you definitely don’t want one of the Reagan’s to be president; this does not seem to be a family with political ambitions or talent.
As for Jeb: looking at George Jr.'s and Jeb’s careers 10 or 15 years ago, anybody would assume that if one of them became the president, it would be Jeb. George W. had a pretty undistinguished career. Some comedian said, after George W. was elected pres., that it was like Don Corleone choosing his idiot son Freddie instead of Michael to take over after he died. I’ve heard that Barbara and George Sr. both thought Jeb would be the one to get the presidency, if any of their kids did.
And by the way, Jeb’s son is gorgeous. Can’t hurt his political ambitions.