What to ask from USA?

So a pal is coming to Taiwan and she’s like, tell me what you would like me to bring you or I’ll have to guess.

Dunno what to ask for that can withstand two weeks of quarantine.

Not as big as a Crock pot…mmmm


I was hoping she could bring formal recognition of Taiwan but that might be too big.


Those takis fuego thing…

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Qué cosa?


I’d take some good craft beer that isn’t from the same damned five California brewers that are imported here. Maybe some good dill pickles or olives. Salsa. Maybe some western sized underwear or t-shirts. Hot sauces. Blue cheese salad dressing. Micro distilled booze. Any small electronics you need. Some good vinyl. I could go on and on— I bring an extra 50 pound suitcase back from every trip.

If your friend will have access to refrigeration: Corn tortillas!


Hot lumberjack with a big D.


If I were 20 years younger I probably would have said that too, but at my age good food and a nice nap trumps just about everything :wink:


A few boxes of Pfizer/Biontech vaccine please (which by the way are apparently available at the American Institute for some people as well)

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Or maybe the J&J since the US doesn’t seem to want those now. I’ll gladly take the 1/1,133,333 chance of a blood clot to be fully vaccinated in one dose before traveling.

Those jumbo bottles of ibuprofen. That shit is crazy expensive here.


Oh yeah, good call. OTC meds in general are a major purchase of mine every time I go back.

Seconding OTC meds, especially pepto bismol

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My cousin and her daughters, who are not exactly cosmopolitan (nice way of saying “not too bright”) brought me packets of instant mashed potatoes, because they were told that rice is the staple dish in Taiwan and assumed potatoes were unavailable.

Doesn’t Amazon ship to Taiwan?

Pressure cooker that does 15 psi.

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With hefty shipping charges and customs fees, yes. Much better to bring stuff in a suitcase if you have the chance.

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I don’t like ibuprofen. You can’t take it on an empty stomach, or you’ll have a hole with gastric acid seeping out onto your shirt within a few hours. Anyway, there are generics that are cheap here. Hell, I pay NT$100 for 100 paracetamol (my preferred mild pain med). Of course, if you want Tylenol, etc. you’re going to pay silly prices for silly brand names.

I usually get lots of clothes when I head back, but no use in asking someone to bring them over if I can’t try them on. Maybe some good quality cotton underwear?

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Youre worreid about a shirt not fitting, but no issues with random underwear? Does not compute.