What to ask from USA?

I know the brands and sizes I would want. Shirt and pants sizes tend to be all over the place.

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Yeah, some people can’t stomach ibuprofen. I have no problem with it.

Better, but still not cheap. I can get 1,000 tablets of ibuprofen for ten bucks in the U.S.


That’s a shame. It’s funny how we crave things that aren’t so easily available. Things I used to crave from England when in Taiwan I can take or leave now I’m in England. Salt n vinegar crisps and proper pints of lager were the big ones for me.


It’s always a balance between hurting your stomach with Ibuprofin or your liver with Acetaminophen, which is why many doctors recommend alternating the two. Personally, I already punish my liver enough as it is, so I try to err on the side of Ibuprofin.

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Both those things are pretty readily available here now, though not with as many choices, of course.

Guys, the real answer is codeine! Co-codamol is my go to. Ibuprofen is the devil at work.

Opioids aren’t OTC in most countries, thankfully. Certainly not in the US.

I think co-codamol is OTC in the UK.

Interesting. That surprises me. Seems like a good way for opiate addicts to destroy their livers.

I would just end up craving something else then. :joy:
I’ve been back here ten (?) years. I don’t miss anything from Taiwan that I can’t easily get here, apart from the hair on the back of my head and some of the people I met. Oh yeah, and McDonald’s tasted better in Taiwan than it does here. No McDonald’s snobs are allowed to reply negatively to this comment. I unashamedly love McDonald’s.:grin:

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Yeah it is, baby! Packet says, ‘Warning, can cause addiction after three days. Packet contains a five day dose.’ :joy::joy:


If I recall correctly, they have easy access to methadone “treatment,” which may keep that from happening.

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Yikes. In the US that combo of Acetaminophen and Codeine is called Tylenol 3 and to the best of my knowledge has always been prescription-only.

It’s a low dose. 8mg. My sister has fibromyalgia and gets 12mg on prescription. Two of those and you can kiss goodbye to the rest of your day.

Not if you take enough of them!

Butterfingers, the only item I crave that I can’t eventually find here.


Get a doctor to write a prescription for it. NHI pays for it when you do. If you are at a hospital try to ask for 3 month supply. You will get a script where you can go to the pharmacy and get your 1 month supply from them for free.

No matter how destitute I may be, I could probably afford NT$100 for 100 paracetamol tabs. And it would be cheaper than paying a doctor NT$150 to prescribe me three months’ worth.
It’s not like I chow down on them every day.

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There’s always your sexy dancing to fall back on in times of financial woe. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Hubba Hubba