What to bring


Anyone go through it? What do I bring? It doesn’t say at all and I can’t seem to find info on it. I take medication, do I just bring it and tell them? Or do they not really care? I take joint supplements due to injuries to help also, is the allowed? Body wash? Razor? I’m only there for 12 days not much info on it.


Don’t forget the porno. :slight_smile:


We do get phone time, :slight_smile:


According to this guy’s post, you don’t need to bring much. You should ask about your meds though

Bring street clothes for when you go home. You will be distributed all articles of clothing on day one. All clothes are mass washed, including your undies, so if you bring your own, it’s going in there with the lot. Most necessities you can buy at the store in the compound, so bring a little extra cash, with you.


Yuck. Mass washing.

Maybe buy disposable undies? Two packs -most have six units- just to be safe. BTW, they sell them both bikini and boxer shorts styles. Any Watson, Cosmed, local supermarket or pharmacy should have them.

Oh, they also sell disposable socks. Better safe than sorry.

Which reminds me: the langbais, the ubiquitous whiote and blue sandals, definetively get a pair.


It’s my 6th day. I’ve been keep track in a journal with some info and some interesting stories. I’ll share in case anyone has to go through my same situation and info I wished I knew and prepared along with some interesting stories and things I’ve seen and heard for anyone interested in what life is like here.


I’m trying to survive this place from illness. 3rd world country prisons are more hygienic then this.


…which is why I told you disposable undies et al… I’d burn all clothes that touched any surface there. Need more 85% prood alcohol? Vinegar can do, too. That and baking soda can clean anything.

Best of luck. hang in there. It will be over soon.