What to bring

Many people responded to my post about gay life in Taiwan. And, I appreciate that alot.

I will probably be moving over this summer (my bf a few months before me). Before I come, I want to prepare as much as possible. Any advice?

Is there anything you didn’t bring along with you that you wish you had? Anything that you find is hard to get in Taiwan? Anything you wish you had known before moving?

Oh… one more thing. I’m assuming it is difficult for someone who’s 6’6" (198 cm) tall to find clothes in Taiwan. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.



What size are your feet ?


Officially, they are size 13 wide (in US measurements)… I don’t know the equivalent in Taiwan. I often, though, buy 14 mediums. Even here wides are hard to find. It is almost easier to find a 14.

Why do you ask… may I ask?



Because I fear you will have difficulty finding shoes, especially leather ones. Trainers and the like may be possible. Perhaps things have changed since I foolishly turned my back on the island in December 97 and entered the dark and murky world known as “Waiguo”…


OH… I had already thought of that. And, I’m sure clothes will be a problem, too. But, I thought I’d ask anyway.



Enough BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, to keep you busy for a year, or until your next trip back! Ship them ahead. Most foreigners I know here read far more than they did at home.
Ask anyone what they do when they visit an English speaking country and they’ll tell you they go hogwild in bookstores.
I spent only US $200 last December on books in SF, but could have spent loads more.
Harder to find books here would include biographies and non fiction, whereas fiction bestsellers tend to be readily available.
You’ll also complain about the prices here and limited number of English 2nd hand bookshops. See other postings on this very subject.

If you are a university graduate, bring your diploma – or at least make sure people back in your home country know where to find it for you. You’ll probably need to get it “verified” at some point.

Note that I said diploma and not transcripts. Nobody cares about those that I’ve found. Strange but true.

On a more rational note but perhaps more important:

  • Return air-ticket dated before the Visa expires
  • Local (home country) and International drivers license
  • Scuba diving pass and book (if any)
  • Any other important documents
  • Medical prescription
  • blabla

Oh, and ensure you have a credit card or two, you can only apply for one here when you have your ARC. For that you need to have a mulitple entry/long term visa, and for that you need an employment pass. Which all will take time.

I came here with two suitcases of clothes only, nothing I have been really missing so far or failed to source locally.