What to do against junk (snail-) mail

I (living in Taipei city) have a problem with all the junk/commercial mail coming into my small mailbox. Even though I have the text “拒絕廣告信” (= no commercial letters) printed large & clear black on white right under the mail box opening, the basterds still keep putting it in. And it’s a lot; sometimes there are whole commercial catalogues.

Does someone know an effective method against this plague?

Or even better, what would be a fun way to get back at this kind of – pardon my French – scum?

Stand outside all day long for a week and spray pepper spray in the face of anyone who puts junk mail in your box. They’ll learn to avoid your box. :smiley:

You reply fast !

Well… if I would see them do it, I would definitely do something not nice. Because I hate to come home with all that trash piling out. It’s their trash.

I get junkmail from stewmac.com because I order stuff from them all the time… its funny they are willing to foot the bill for international postage… must not be cheap. Why dont they give me a discount for not paying all that international postage by not sending me catalogs every month…

small hole in the post box, infra-red motion detector, 9v servo motor, skunk spray… might not solve your problem but at least you’ll be assured the sweet hone of justice against the neanderthals who are ignoring your sign…

This doesn’t exactly solve the problem, but what a lot of people do is put a garbage can right next to the mailboxes. So you go home every day, take out the mail, dump all the fliers into the can. Out of sight, out of mind! Just talk to the other residents in your building about setting up a fliers-only garbage can behind the front door. When it’s full, dump all the fliers into the paper-recycling truck. :sunglasses:

What about the postman who is delivering letters from your kin from America or more importantly, Warmoth bodies and necks or other American stuff you ordered? I think you are setting yourself up for a lot of trouble with this method.

Get a PO box and use it exclusively.

Never use your residential address for mail.

Whenever you find someone shoving crap in your mailbox tell him/her to F#@%$ Off.

Start a petition/PR campaign for Taiwan’s lawmakers ( :laughing: ) to pass a law banning people from shoving crap in your mailbox without postage, as they did in the US many years ago.

Or take their picture and tell them it’s illegal to do that; tell them you’ll be turning the picture over to the police if you find any more junk mail in your box.

Is there really no such law now?

Put it somewhere where it will really piss people off. Write ‘return to sender’ and mail it back to them.

I dunno. I just get my mail sent to the office. Don’t care about anything else. It is not for a geisha to check her own mailbox for Carrefour catalogues.

Or take their picture and tell them it’s illegal to do that; tell them you’ll be turning the picture over to the police if you find any more junk mail in your box. [/quote]

Except that I’m almost certain it’s legal in Taiwan.

Is there really no such law now?[/quote]

I’m almost certain there is no such law in Taiwan. In the US (I don’t know about other countries) it’s illegal to open someones mailbox unless you’re a mail carrier, or to stick mail in their mailbox without postage. I believe Taiwan lacks such a law. I also believe any attempt to pass such a law here would meet fierce opposition because people would argue it (a) harms businesses unfairly because they need to advertise and can’t afford postage and (b) harms the paper and printing industries unfairly (just like how the plastic industry complained when they tried to ban plastic forks and baggies to go). So, it will never happen. They will continue to stuff crap in your face and in your mailbox with reckless abandon and impunity.

You mean where the sun don’t shine?

Unfortunately, in most cases, they never stuck postage on it in the first place, so it won’t get returned anywhere. But, if they did use postage, be sure to tape the letter to a box full of rocks before sending it back.

Same here. I gave up on residential mailboxes years ago due to all the crap. Just make sure you tell all your friends, relatives and business contacts your PO number and only use that from now on.