What to do if spouse is missing for years?


Maybe you need to reply mentioning you haven’t known she was sick, but it should be after a consaltation to a lawyer to be effective.

Mental illness isn’t one of the reasons to get divorced?


Oh great. How far could they get with that nonsense?

There was another email a while back. Brace yourself… Here it is.


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Or maybe ask if it’s mental or physical. I should mention, there were times when my wife would pretend to be sick and uncomfortable to get out of doing anything. I brought her to the doctor many times and they all said she was fine. It took a while for me to realize that she was making it up. I suspect she might be doing the same thing. I’d like to see her prove it if so.

I sure hope it is.


I’m just saying that’s an angle worth investigating.

They claim it was my apartment owner.

I would try to get a clear statement from the owner, one way or another :studio_microphone: but preferably in writing. Hopefully you won’t need to use it.

Right after the line about going to court, they dare you to go ahead and do it. Good on them. :slight_smile:

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This is really a nightmare. Makes me almost just want to go home and see if I can get a divorce there. Does Taiwan’s law have any way to protect people at all from being abandoned and locked in a marriage out of spite? I would say I have some pretty definite proof along with that she hasn’t been around for 4 years. Otherwise what do I do? Wait for eternity by myself suffering because they are mad at me? Feels almost criminal and an abuse of Taiwan’s marriage system.

Yeah, they’re trying to lock me in by finding whatever they can to put the fault on me so that I can’t get out. Hence the sick wife bs.


I am going to consult a lawyer as soon as possible and especially before replying to them. Still waiting for LAF and it’s already Tuesday so hopefully I get a call or email from them today. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I should reply to them so I can suggest it to my lawyer as a possible reply?


Doesn’t that line refer to the raising of children?


Do you want to stay in Taiwan?


It directly translates as: the obligation of husband and wife to support each other. Hopefully that applies to my case.


Is that the official English translation? The Chinese is pretty ambiguous. I haven’t, however, read the whole thing.


That’s my translation. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Probably not but I’d like to have the option. I do have an APRC.


After a quick look at the law, it appears to refer to couple’s care of parents, children and each other, so your meaning is included.


Think that is 第1116條之2, though I have not checked the law.


You got them good with breaking and entering to your apartment.


Here’s my reply (please excuse my terrible Chinese). Let me know what you guys think. I wouldn’t send it until my lawyer sees it but I would very much appreciate any feedback or suggestions so I can polish it in the meantime while waiting to show it to a lawyer. I’ve put an xx for the name of the spouse for privacy reasons.


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Provided I can prove it. The thing is, her name is on the contract so it isn’t illegal for her to want to enter if she is locked out.


Of course you don’t tell them that. You just say you are going to sue the family members for breaking in without authorization and you have evidence. Make em stew. The landlord denial of approving lock change is good stuff . In fact you can open a case against them very easily and drag them through the courts (common past time in Taiwan ).


Did they say she denied it? What I think they are talking about is the events that occurred after I already left because of the lock change. My wife and someone came over to change the lock, probably didn’t inform the rest of the family and they are talking about my owner trying to find me after. At least that is what I think they were referring to.


this might be difficult, because the contract was under her name. But I agree OP doesn’t need to send many details.