What to do if spouse is missing for years?


I just made the payment by atm and sent them an email of the receipt. Waiting to hear back from them. Finally we can get things moving. Wish me luck.


Good luck!


Good luck!!


It still seems a bit emotion was put here. Have the lawyer see it before you send. In communication for legal matter and to get evidence you better have all emotion out and state what they have done, not ask them and left it ambiguous. If you are sure they have done this or that you have to state directly. Have them panicked, but in a non angry manner. I assure you they will be shaking on the other side because they won’t be able to manipulate your emotions or try to predict your next move.

In any case don’t send it now, wait for the lawyers OK.


Wise advice. That’s what I am planning on doing. I don’t want to make the mistake of getting emotional in my emails like I did in the past. It’s very hard and frustrating especially when I didn’t have/couldn’t afford a lawyer. I am so grateful to you guys for all your advice so far and helping me to find LAF. Without all of you and LAF, I don’t know if I would ever get out of this situation.


Second is on me. I hate seen someone stuck in legal matter with locals without being the one at fault. And I love seeing hem released and let mean locals know they don’t own the world.


I hope your lawyer could give you some expected process (strategy) and some estimate of costs.

It might be better you don’t share much anymore here, because you get a lawyer now. Until it will be settled.

Good luck.


The lawyer will advise you on that and you can always get advice here as well. We are all wishing you good luck in this. It will be over. Hang in there.


True too. Especially for Chinese texts where the wife’s family can use Google to search. But please let us know the update so we can all celebrate for you when it is over.


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Well her family doesn’t really speak English so it’s not too much of a problem. I could really still use the support as I am not out of this yet. The biggest threat right now is keeping the Chinese from their emails on here.

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Still waiting on laf to reply on my payment. Hopefully they can get things started soon. I’ll keep you guys posted but like other users suggested, I will keep the specifics that go on between me and my lawyer private.