What to do if spouse is missing for years?


I forgot to mention and probably going to hit myself for forgetting about this at Taipei but there was a period of time of 5 years or so that I wasn’t provided health insurance. Because I was previously on a marriage based visa and freelancing, NHI told me I had no choice but to depend on my wifes family for health insurance payments. I wasn’t allowed to pay them on my own even if I wanted to. They of course never paid it and I went without health insurance. Wonder if I can sue them for that too.


Oh but the good NHI will bill them. :smiling_imp:


If you file tax returns jointly yes I’m sure you do. However if you don’t then I wouldn’t see why you would be able to see your spouse’s tax returns without their permission. It is illegal not to file jointly unless


Yes. I was referring to the household registration part.


So I wasn’t able to get the tax return records that my wife filed. Only the ones I did when I did work for some companies. Would laf reject me? I have no way to get the ones she filed without her. I did get 5 years of whatever they can give me.


So you and your wife never filed together , or you originally did and then filed separate? When I went to the tax office with my wife a while back they said I had to file separate as a foreigner even on an APRC, then about 30 minutes later said we should file together as we are married. In fact the two ladies in the tax office were a bit confused about it, especially as we are both self employed. This one is out of my depth now ha


We did at some point. They said they gave me everything they can. Some of it shows income but it’s pretty blank. Well I guess that shows I need their help hopefully and it’s legally not possible for me to get more than this.


You just need the most recent one, plus your list of assets (even if it’s blank). If they’re not satisfied with what you have, they’ll ask you to supply more documents.

Debts automatically expire, but exactly when depends on several factors. See Art. 125 to 147 of the Civil Code.


Are these are two separate lists? They gave me something called 綜合所得税各類所得資料清單. One for each year. Do I need something else? Would I even be able to get that without my wife? I can try to go back to Taipei before Fridays appointment with laf.


Asset may be 財產歸屬資料清單.


if you visit tax office again, you may also consult them about submitting your tax report separately from your wife.

Btw, I have assumed you read Chinese. Is it right?


Thank you. Yes I can read Chinese but the legal stuff get’s confusing. I barely even understand it if it’s in English let alone Chinese.


I just talked to Laf and yes, it does seem I need that. I will go back to the tax office in Taipei again before my appointment. Shame they don’t have an office in Hsinchu.

On another note; I have my wife’s address now as it’s on the household registration. Well, actually I really think she isn’t there. That is her aunts address. She used that address years ago on our marriage certificate and household registration because she was hiding from her family (messed up, I know. She even put me down as living there.). Our last communication 4 years ago was that she was juggling between family members houses and her aunt was trying to stop her from talking to me. Actually she agreed to a divorce at that time and said she would contact me in the next few days…obviously never happened. I also have a witness at the time (old security guard -might not still be working there) that saw her and her aunt come to change the lock. If she really is still living there, and she is some prisoner of her aunt like she claimed, in her aunts f’d up attempt to get revenge or punish me, maybe I can press charges against her aunt. Would be very interesting to see what her story is. Regardless this marriage is completely dead any way you look at it. At this point, even if I got her back, I’d just march her over to sign papers.


How long does it usually take to get accepted by laf? Assuming I provide them with a mostly blank tax income statement and completely blank list of assets. Is it possible to get accepted the day I go there? It’s to my understanding they would look over my tax statements and then let me consult a lawyer free of charge. After that they would tell me how much they can aid me? Looking at their site, I should qualify for full aid.


Just a question - what would happen if you were “at fault”. It doesn’t sound like you need to pay anything monetarily. Other than clearing your conscience - what is motivating you to invest so much time and effort into these divorce proceedings? I would understand if she was entitled to half your stuff but from what I’ve read (forgive me for skimming the past 175 posts) that’s not the case here. If it’s just a matter of being the “bad guy” or “good guy” then I would say :banana: it.

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If the OP has ever registered his marriage back in the US then he might face serious problems if he ever intend to marry someone else in the future. Even if he didn’t register it and someone bring it up he might me unable to marry again before the legal divorce.


It may take a few weeks. They have a committee to review applications, and if you’re rejected you can appeal within a certain time.

Note that they provide two separate levels of service: (1) giving you a brief consultation with a random lawyer, and (2) assigning a lawyer to handle your case. For #1 you don’t need to go through the whole income proof etc. process, but you do need to make an appointment.

Have you tried asking at the 北區國稅局新竹分局?


Well, if I am at fault (and anyone can feel free to correct me if I am wrong), then only my spouse can legally ask for a divorce. Supposedly she can go back into hiding after; as rediculous as that sounds. If I am to get in a relationship with another woman here (even dating is illegal here in Taiwan. Believe it or not you can go to jail here for adultery) or get married, I would be committing a crime.

So the lawyer who gives you consultation is different than the lawyer who takes your case?

I don’t drive here so it’s actually easier for me to get to taipei than taoyuan despite it being farther. I just take a bus then mrt to the tax office. There’s no real busses that I’ve seen going to Taoyuan from hsinchu.


Unrelated to my case and I’m obviously not thinking of doing this but I see bigomy as one of the 10 points. How does one even do that in Taiwan with household registration keeping records. I’ve heard of a foreigner a while back marrying two Taiwanese women. Wouldn’t household registration stop him when signing?

And relating to my case; could she have remarried without my divorce (bigamy)? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t care.


there is a tax office in hsinchu on 北大路. 17 min by walk from hsinchu train station.

de facto marriage. I think.


Wow I feel like an idiot. I just Googled it. I’ve walked by that building countless times. It’s right downtown nearby the BBQ places. Thanks!

Article I saw said the guy (American I think) registered twice. Not sure how that happened. Well foreigners don’t always have their spouses name on their ID card. Maybe they don’t check? Can a Taiwanese apply for a new ID card if they only check ID card spouse names?