What to do if you're stuck indoors?

any activities, projects, exercises cyclists can do indoors? i know ZWIFT but how much is the entire setup? roughly?

You can see some people discussing this over here:

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Roller trainers without much resistance require a huge level of skill to avoid cycling off the edge. You can get them with smaller rollers, or concave roller shapes which do help. They are easy to store, and fold very flat, use your normal bike (slick tires are best). far and away the most realistic riding experience, i think.

Fixed rear wheel trainers are much easier to use (think exercise bike in gym). But boring. unless you pay for the integrated systems like Zwift or Peloton.

Here’s a rough estimate, granted you already have a road bike. There’s a lot of options in terms of trainers, but you would roughly spend something between 10,000-25,000NTD initially.

  • Smart (direct drive) trainer → 20,000 - 100,000NTD
  • Turbo/friction trainer → 8,000-20,000NTD
  • Rollers → 4,000-10,000NTD
  1. Computer with bluetooth compatibility (or Bluetooth/ANT+ receiver) → 1,500NTD+
  2. ZWIFT/Trainer Road/other subscription > 499 - 1000NTD/month
  3. Fan → 500NTD +
  4. Other accessories such as a mat, front wheel block, table vary in price since you can use household furniture and other items to substitute

Personally, I spent around 45,000NTD for my set up which included a Wahoo Kickr , table, fan and Macbook Air. I did not buy the Macbook solely for Zwift though. Without it, my investment was roughly 15,000NTD since I bought my trainer second hand.

To answer your initial questions, there’s not much you can do indoors if you want to ride and do not have a trainer of some sort. Nonetheless, there’s always strength training you can do. If you prefer cyclist centered exercises, GCN has a vide on that.


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If you have a roller. Give these exercises a try.


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