What to do in Kaohsiung?

Hi! I’m Malaysian and just moved in to stay in Siaogang, Kaohsiung for few months. Can anyone tell me what to do and activities that I can join here? Its pretty boring here as I dont know how to ride motor and I dont read Chinese either. Or should I move into places that is more easy to access with public transport? Or is anyone know is there any room to let nearby subway and and too far from Siaogang? I’m here to study bakery course. Any hasher in this forum?

Hi irenefvc! I’ve moved this post to the relevant forum, and also PM’ed you about HHH contact info.

Hello again,

Here are some Kaohsiung HHH contact emails. I don’t know them personally but they were given to me by a longtime hasher.





Good luck with that. I’m sure that these people can also give you info on other events for visitors looking to have some fun in the area.