What to do in Taipei when it's raining?

Best/fun things to do in Taipei for noon-afternoon (not evening!) when it’s raining? Preferred indoors :wink:

During last weeks rain I enjoyed the Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of contemporary art. Both are super cheap and not too big. Of course, it can be hit or miss depending on your preferences. The fine arts museum has a very creepy exhibition (the jungle or something like this). Not for small children, just like the penis-art of a different artist, but it gets my recommendation.


Walk underground.

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Having a drink with friends.

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For lunch? Haha
Where’s a good place to get drinks at lunch time? Bars not opened yet.



Yes, please!

Off the top of my head: the place that used to be called Gordon Biersch (now GBA), Jolly’s, ABV, Taihu, Zhangmen, Buckskin, etc. There should be plenty of others.

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rainy days are the best days for outdoors. Few people, better scenes, more comfortable. Taipei during the tain is the best time for me to go out (if driving). If sunny? drinking, eating and being a pig is usually the result haha.


Rainy typhoon days are opportunities to get a hotel with a significant other or a potential significant other.


All-you-can-watch movies unlimited entry and exit all day long for NT$160 or less.

Always at least eight movies in rotation on four screens.

Nan Shan Theater


Hooters opens at 11 am.