What to do to when a Taiwanese woman suddenly stops messaging me?

I met a Taiwanese woman on FB in October and we hit it off with conversations about what movies we like, how we like to travel, etc. Last month I messaged her my mobile number and email address, wanting her to video call me on FB messenger. After several days it occurred to me I made a mistake in doing that.

It has been over a month now with no messages from her. I have sent her a message every few days, sharing what’s happening in my life and such. And of course asking if she is doing well.

I do miss our conversations and I do want to get to know her more. What I really want in the end is to meet her in person and spend time with her. I’m in the US. What can I do to get her to talk to me?

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Nothing. She doesn’t want to talk to you. The more you try the more creepy you come off now. Unless you want to share the news you won the lottery or is actually a movie star or professional athlete.


Maybe she got scared away by the prospect of a video call because she isn’t who she said she is. She may even be a he. Could be some middle-aged guy in Nigeria for all you know.


Why? She doesn’t need those to video you on FB messenger. Apparently she either a) has something diverting her attention like illness or boyfriend or b) decided she isn’t interested. So it goes.

You could hire a private investigator to find her. Or just wait and see if she pops back up.

Probably she was an old woman :grinning:
just move on and meet people in real life.


Why didn’t you use FB messenger to ask her to video call you? If she wanted she would. Sounds like you are desperated and she knows it.

Sorry I didn’t include more detail. I met her on an EVA Air flight. She was a flight attendant. I’m sure she is in her 20s. I’m in my 30s. From the start I used FB Messenger. I provided my mobile and email as extras in addition to asking for a video call. I realized afterwards that the extras are unnecessary and may have cause the problem.

So I’m guessing I should just leave it be. Maybe she will message me one day.

Flight attendant? She met someone else on another EVA flight!


Those gals will bang any looser…let it go.


It’s like a sailor, in every port another girl.

As the locals would put it, she probably had a lot of lines out, and gathered yours in because something bigger and better bit on another one. Or you just weren’t her vegetable. You feel me?

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Hmm this is probably a factor…

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best thing to do is buy round-trip tickets on that same flight for about 2 weeks straight, just getting off the plane and turning around and getting back on the flight back.
If you see her, you’ll get your answer. If you don’t, well you’ll have a funny story to tell your credit card company


lol i chatted up an EVA staff too once. i also got randomly blocked. who cares man, shes most likely a boring typical Taiwanese girl with a slightly inflated ego due to her job. i’ll break down her thought process for you. you guys are strangers, she was only humoring you by replying to you. she thinks its ‘weird’ to do video chat with such a stranger and by making it weird you made it awkward so she had no choice but to block u off. not a big loss for you, move on and find someone more interesting.


I’m going to have to stash that expression away for future use.

I know it’s supposed to be more like “dish” but i vastly prefer the more literal translation.

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hat tip to @overnightoats666 who posted this in the Funny Pictures thread

@HY read it and move on.


I doubt it was random, I’m sure she had every intention of blocking you.

Love how the EVA lady is a “boring typical Taiwanese girl with a slightly inflated ego” because she indicated clearly that she didn’t want to talk to him by…not talking to him?
And yet OP Skeevy McStalker is somehow justified when he is too stupid/ignorant to take a perfectly clear NO for an answer.

“lol” indeed.


Honestly she probably has lots of people hitting her up just for the hell of it because it’s fun and it makes her feel good about herself, and you came on too strong for her liking. Plus you’re an ocean away anyway. Nothing more, nothing less.