What to do when you really feel like taking a bath but all you got at home is a shower


Find a rich bf that has a nice tub.

Do you have a balcony? Maybe buy a small plastic pool and use it there.


Plastic tubs suck, she should go for ceramic


I considered getting a kiddie pool, too, but that would be a PITA to store when not in use…


She loved it! She’s also pretty tiny like you. Probably only 40 kg. No problems fitting in it. They just kept it in the spare room and she would throw it in the shower stall when she wanted to have a soak.


Taiwan is a suana. I usually love it after a gym workout but i have zero interest in going in one here. I can’t bring myself to want a hot bath or go in a hot tub here either. I do get in a ice bath once in a while.


i would then just pee in the onsen simply for the principle of it.


@Andrew0409 : yeah, not ideal in summer, for obvious reasons, but nice at this time of year :slight_smile:

I use the sauna as a sort of warm-up and cool-down before/after a workout. Unconventional, but very effective.


It’s 28° today!!


Not where I am it isn’t. 23 according to the thermometer. Bloody freezing in my book.


It’s even warmer in Kaoshiung, I guess above 30, and I heard in Nantou it’s hotter. Blue clear (clean) sky too, no dirty air for a change. Just a bit dry, see the brown grass!


Could still see a layer of brown haze here.




Now wait a minute…the foreshortening in this photo makes this look like a mop bucket.


Might feel like sitting in a mop bucket when you’re in it and your knees are pressed against your chest.


You underestimate just how small I am…


We do not have baths commonly in our culture, so for me it still feels weird and not very pleasant to have one. We do have plenty of natural hot springs and lovely rivers to swim in plus a great coastline. Wish I could have easy access to natural bodies of water in Taiwan. Alas, going to the hot springs here is such an artificial experience, in a tiled swimming pool, while in the old country we have rivers and natural pools of hot springs water flowing freely under tropical trees.


Love Motels in Tu Chen, have a huge jacuzzi, steam room, Sauna, large bed and Karoke, all for 850 to.1000 for 3hrs. The 1000 NTD one has a special chair with stimulative properties.


Nast, nasty, nasty
Just think about all that has been in there before you doing who knows what and leaving their DNA behind.

Yeah, they can be luxurious…but it’s not without a cost to one’s sense of cleanliness.

Soaking can be relaxing, but taking a bath never made sense to me. You are just washing in your own filth. Plus those plastic tubs posted earlier mildew fast. Gotta bleach them every so often.

For me, a nice long hot shower is relaxing enough. You could even get a bathroom footstool to sit on and relax letting the water fall on you.

Baths are just…ew.


A friend used to refer to a bath as, “stewing in your own juices”.


Oh they’re not that bad. I always clean the tub after use and I rinse off in the shower before and after, and I’m never even that dirty anyway. It’s just nice to have a little sit, soften up your joints and muscles, and slowly shave your legs at your leisure every now and then.

I could never actually use a love motel bathtub, though. I was half joking in my post.