What to do with all those NT dollars?

I’ll be leaving Taiwan some time in mid-December but I’m not sure what the best way to take my NT$ out of Taiwan would be. I won’t have much since I’ve been working very few hours, but I think I’ll have about $100k when I make the move back to Thailand.

XE.com is showing a pretty favorable exchange rate at the moment, NT$1 = 1.05 Thai Baht. What would be the best way to move my money from Taiwan to Thailand? I’ve considered the following:

1 - Buying a stash of traveler’s checks. Not sure if Euros or USDs would be best.

2 - Buying Thai Baht here in Taiwan. I’d expect to get a pretty terrible rate here, plus I don’t really want to carry 100k+ baht on the plane with me.

3 - Buying US$ here in Taiwan and then buying Baht in Thailand. – or buying Euros here and Baht in Thailand.

4 - Bank transfer. However, I’m not sure about the fees involved on the Thai side and am afraid I might get a bad exchange rate.

5 - Leave my money in a Taiwan bank account and then withdraw it in Thailand with my ATM card. I did this when I moved to Taiwan from Thailand, but I ended up getting a really terrible exchange rate each time I withdrew money.

6 - ?

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I wasn’t sure if this should go in “Business and Money,” but since I’m not starting a business I thought this might be more appropriate. Thanks a lot!

Buy all Thai Baht in Taiwan and spend all the dosh in your first two nights in Bangkok in Soi Cowboy.

Not likely with the girlfriend in tow, plus I plan to evacuate Bangkok within 12 hours of landing. I’m beginning to notice a trend in your posts, Chewy. First CLEP exams, now Soi Cowboy…