What to do with guanxi?

What to do with guanxi?
People have thousands of the stuff. Is there something meaningful that the ‘money’ can be converted into?

Devalue it 100 times.

Too bad that every pub that might convert the guanxi into drink discounts has been slagged off in this forum. Alleycat, Put your marketing cap on. Here is a quick annd easy way to draw more people in on those slow Tuesday nights. :notworthy:


I can’t really see the point of having guanxi at all. It’s supposed to be just for fun,. but WHERE is the fun? Beats me. That hasn’t stopped me putting my guanxi in the time deposit though! I’m hoping one day it will come in useful for something. Can’t think what.

I think the guanxi thing only appeals to a small handful of Forumosans. The “I’ve-got-more-posts-than-you” crew.

Wolf, do a poll.

Guanxi can be good to thank someone for helping you, or reward a particularly useful posts etc. You’re supposed to give it away, not hoard it. Problem is that everyone’s got so much of the stuff, the effect is weakened.


How many people actually donate the stuff? Are there stats available on that? I would guess ‘not many’. Do people appreciate receiving guanxi or are they indifferent?

I occasionaly give and recieve guanxi. I think its great.

But giving something that is worthless has no value.

A forumosa stock market where we can buy/sell notional shares in, er, something. Hell to program, and utterly pointless, but fun for us punters.

Guanxi for beer sounds good, not that I’ve ever been to a RL event with you folks. And it’s not really fair on the people who live out in the wilderness.

Or just do away with it completely. We could become the disposessed. I’m not sure I could cope with no longer being immensely rich, but as Forumosa doesn’t have a Ferrari dealership my g$ are languishing in the bank anyway.

Introduce monthly charges for avatars, signatures etc. Do away with that absurd interest rate at the bank. Charge people for holding the stuff even. Tax guanxi holdings, or income, or both. Sell titles, naming rights etc. (“The Wolf Reinhold women only forum”!) Let people spend their guanxi on silly pranks like changing people’s avatars or ‘rankings’, or even locking them out! You could even form share companies so that groups of users can band together to bar Forumusa, or change Tigerman’s avatar to a little fluffy kitten.

Do something like that, and by giving g$ you are giving people power. That’s a gift with more meaning something we all have masses of.

Check the ‘transfers’ link at the very bottom of the page.


I’ve donated guanxi about ten times (give or take) and I received a thanks on just one occasion. Is that some etiquette problem or do you have to do some kind of search to find out where you got guanxi from?

Perhaps there is a feel good factor for some people, but for others they don’t really care. “Oh somebody sent me guanxi - whoopee.”

I wasn’t aware that you could receive a notification when someone sends you guanxi. Perhaps people could receive an automatic notification when they get guanxi to spread that feel good factor around; more people would apporeciate sending and receiving guanxi - maybe.

Stringing it up and hanging it on the Christmas tree is also a barrel of laughs.


maybe we can have more items to buy at the shop?! that would be cool

Being the luddite I am, I have no idea how to transfer guanxi…can somebody explain to me how you do this


I keep mine in a time deposit so that I can get more.

[quote=“Chewycorns”]Being the luddite I am, I have no idea how to transfer guanxi…can somebody explain to me how you do this

Chewy[/quote]Click on the word “impart” under my name on the left. Enter “400” for the amount to transfer, then press “submit” :slight_smile:
Should also be an “impart” link in people’s profile too.
On a sidenote, you can click the “Transfers” button at the bottom of the page if you want to see who’s sucking up to who :slight_smile:

[quote]Click on the word “impart” under my name on the left. Enter “400” for the amount to transfer, then press “submit”

I tried that BFM. But what if I want to impart guanxi to other people :wink:

Hey Fluffy, didn’t you just win the lottery? I’ll need some guanxi soon so I can keep gambling it away! Yee-haw! :laughing:

Its the thought that counts… :wink:

Have you seen how much guanxi Mr He has accumulated? Over 8000.