What to do with this liquor?

I’ve moved a box of liquor to two new apartments in the last 2 years. My fil says hang on to it (he’s forgotten about it), my mil says throw it away, he drinks too much already, I’m ready to dump the contents and use them to grow some cuttings (after washing them out of course). But I should probably check to see if this stuff is worth anything to anyone.

Ballantine Gold Seal Scotch Whiskey, unopened
Hine Cognac XO (the stopper turns on this, there was no plastic seal or anything)
“The Original Dimple Scotch Whiskey”
Chivas something or other

There’s stuff swimming at the bottom of the bottles so it looks they’ve gone bad or something. Can liquor go bad?

You could give it to me and I’ll test its drinkability for you.


erm… :? Braxton, it that a typo or does it really say that ?

Yup, that’s what it says on one box. You should have seen the stuff I threw out though… questionable. I don’t know anything about liquor so I don’t know what’s good and what’s junk.

I have two of these Dimple things… pretty bottles, that’s why I’ve been hanging on to them. Says J. Haig & Co., Edinburgh, Scotland.

I would that thought that J. Haig & Co. would know how to spell ‘Whisky’

Whiskey, with an E, is Irish.

See, now you know I don’t anything about whisKY. Sorry 'bout that.

Sir Donald, if you want one of these, and not just to test please because I have limited time on my hands these days, no problem, but I’ll trade you for a Spider plant.

(Did you know that 20 spider plants can clean the air in a 2000 sq. ft. home in just a few hours?)