What to hate?

What do I hate most?

  • SARS
  • Canada
  • Blueface
  • China
  • Glossika
  • US
  • Evil
  • Papa Giovanni guy
  • Hippies
  • Rich people
  • Michel from the Tavern
  • Taiwan
  • French people
  • Taipei Times management
  • Tongyong pinyin

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I am really busy these days so I don’t have time to read Forumosa like I used to. I also feel like I should be hating (or hatin’ for the youngsters) more people or stuff. I really only have enough time to hate one thing or person though, so I would appreciate it if people could help me decide where to allot my monthly unit of hate. Also, if this poll is used properly and not abused, it could later be useful to historians in determining what was uncool or “out” at this important time in history.

“You like me, you really like me, you really, really like me!” - Sally Field

Excellent post, chainsmoker. I too am a bit confused as I watch all of the fur fly amongst the folks on the boards here. I just never know what exactly I’m supposed to hate.

I have found that it is difficult to find stuff to hate if you don’t watch TV. Back in the good old days, I could find something to hate within 5 minutes of turning on the TV. Now I have to go all the way to a bar or a movie theater to feel my old friend hate creepin up my spine.

BTW. Sorry for all the multiple threads. Only most of them are my fault. Maoman should have it under control soon.

Tongyong pinyin?

Good that this is just a hate of the month, because we’ve got a presidential campaign warming up that is likely to knock most of the other hates out of the ring.

“Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate, leads to suffering.”

I have too much love in my heart to hate…but if I was forced to hate someone, its gotta be the french! :smiley:

My goodness. It suddenly dawned on me

Michel Blanc
The owner of Papa Giovanni’s
Hillary Clinton
Jacques Chirac


ALL FRENCH!!! and they all studied

IN THE BAY AREA!!! :smiling_imp:

[quote=“fred smith”]My goodness. It suddenly dawned on me

Michel Blanc
The owner of Papa Giovanni’s
Hillary Clinton
Jacques Chirac


ALL FRENCH!!! and they all studied

IN THE BAY AREA!!! :smiling_imp:[/quote]

Watch your back. :smiling_imp:

“Blame Canada! Blame Canada!
Seems that everything’s gone wrong
since Canada came along!
Blame Canada! Blame Canada!
They’re not even a real country anyway!”

Canada is never to blame for anything so I for one do not hate Canada. A bit ineffectual yes, but harmful rarely.

What I do hate, however, is low pressure systems like the one we have today. I swear it makes everyone catatonic. I have been stumbling over half asleep xiaojies all day today. One literally had her eyes closed and was stumbling down the street. Just as long as she is not on her motor scooter driving along the highway…

What else is there to hate? France no. Certain French yes. Jacques Chirac? hmmm bit of a pompous idiot and his gestures can be quite amusing. I was in a bar where they took excerpts of his and de Villepin’s speeches and had them waving their hands and frowning in that exaggerated French way to great effect. Hate no. Despise yes.

SARS. Yes. The office is again having its temperatures checked when we come in the door, once in the morning at our desks, again at noon, in the afternoon, when we go next door to the post office or bank, when we come back again and then … the shitty toilet paper is still piling up all week in trash cans next to the toilets. Okay they clean it once a day but… the weather when it gets hot and humid has a most decidedly stong effect on the odor.

Hillary Clinton. Don’t really care.

Blueface 666. (hahahahahahah)

Fags/breeders (no opinion)

Gao Xingjian and his Soul Mountain: Big Time. Just tried to struggle through that book again and GRRRRR. What a waste of the very trees he was extolling on his spiritual climb up the mountain.

Finally, as to Michel Blanc and Papa Doc, I am almost tempted to head back for a pizza, beer and insult, finishing it off with a quick cup of coffee in the lobby of the Grand Hotel.

You really need some new pick up lines then. :wink: