What to look for when buying a new desktop computer now?

I need new desktop computers for my company. We should be able to run programs such as Adobe Suite CS2, OO, FrameMaker, OpenOffice and other stuff that uses a lot of space. We should be able to connect to our server, where we store all our work files.
What kind of computer do we need, what specifications do we have to look far. What is considered a good bargain, what is expensive?

There’s an important question which comes first, and that is ‘What can you afford’?

Anandtech has pretty good buyer’s guides.


Read this, should get you on the right path.

Talk to Nam. He’s very good at discussing your needs with you, and then supplying you what you need at a reasonable price. Many Forumosans have recommended him.

Miso, go with Nam.


Yes, I sent you his contact info by PM. :wink:

Thank you Dragonbones. However since it’s for the company I cannot just have someone build computers for me. I require a professional supplier with guarantee.

That’s why you need to sort out what you can afford first. Professional suppliers are not going to be cheap.

Hey guys, I saw the post and thought I had something to add.

In response to Miso, I’ve been in the industry here for several years and have supplied nearly a dozen buisnesses(successfully in as much).

Not to say that I’m in any way offended by the your question of my professionalism, as you are completely correct in doing so.
In your position, I would likely do the same and most of my customers (prior to dealing with me) do so as well.

This being said; my company is fully registered and I run a legitemate business.
As such, we issue fapiao(reciepts) and invoices with our Tongbian hao and company name on them, on demand.

Our target clients are foreign owned and/or operated companies and foreigners in general, working and living in Taiwan(island wide). Although we also have a couple dozen Taiwanese customers.
My general clientelle are of all walks in life, from CEOs of multi-national blue-chip corporations, to teachers and even the odd tourist here and there.

My corporate clients have included half a dozen multi-nationals which I stopped dealing with eventually due to the fact that the companies made internal changes and those responsible for product purchase changed within the company.
As such, each new buyer was new and demanded more than I could give to the previous buyer, thus forcing me to end contact in frustration.
I don’t look for new clients anymore, as it’s really too much trouble, though I don’t turn them away neither.

Should you have need of any suggestion, services or help in your task, feel free to give me a ring or email me at,

092 676 3664



Hello Nam,

thank you very much for your detailed introduction. From what I read here on Forumosa I had the wrong impression, that you just were another IT guy selling tailor made computers. Apologies, if my comments offended you.

There you go, great job Nam. Good luck Miso. Happiness all round.

:laughing: …Not at all Miso.

Like I said, your comments as a buyer are well founded. As well, you’ve given me a great reason to make a clear statement about what we have been doing and continue to do here at NationWide.

Besides, you’ll find that most long term members of the Forumosa community are a little more thick skinned than the average person, as you have to be, to have stayed around for so long. :laughing:

None the less, good luck with your search.
Even if it doesn’t include us. :blush:


Oh, and thanks Fortigurn :smiley:

You’re welcome mate.