What TV are you watching (2020)?


I liked the second season too, but it’s not nearly as good as the first, which is excellent.

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The Mandalorian.
S2E5 and E6 were really good.
The show is getting better.

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Modern Love

Getting some good reviews. I guess maybe different characters and stories every episode? Not sure.

That’s the movie. I’m talking about the documentary about Fred Rogers.

However, I did watch the movie starring Tom Hanks shortly after finishing the documentary. I liked how it did not focus on Rogers, but on someone he helped as, I personally think, it’s really really hard to portray Rogers, that even the great Tom Hanks could not do him justice.

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Anything with my man Dev Patel is gold imo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything bad, and his performances are always among the best in anything he’s in.

25 metric tonnes of gun toting sexy neck hair and a granny with an epic grudge.

Jim Gaffigan, Asian-American, stand-up, on Comedy Central TV channel.

Talks about his 2-week travel in Asia.

Risky move, slightly racist, slightly funny.


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“slightly funny” is a perfect description for Gaffigan. He usually prompts a polite chuckle from me and nothing more.

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Love Life season 1 is ok if you’re into that whole single girls in New York thing or into Anna Kendrick.

Uncut gems, fun movie but the first half is very messy and “loud”, on purpose but still… second half saves it. Good movie.

I liked it.

It is on Formosa Plastics (台塑) chemical plant in Point Comfort, Texas. I still remember all the headlines of the day 王永慶, the founder of the company, died. He was revered as “經營之神.” Little did I know that the plant in Texas was (is)one of the “biggest pulluters in Texas,” and settled with locals for $50mil, which was “the largest citizen-led Clean Water Act settlement in history.”

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I started watching The Act. I wasn’t sure about it, but it’s really interesting. Acting is on point as well. Based on one of the strangest true stories I’ve heard.

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It looks good, but super depressing.

Also, afaik, no Hulu in Taiwan… :disappointed:

I just finished The Queen’s gambit. Highly recommended!


About halfway through Ted Lasso now. It’s enjoyable. If you liked The Good Place or especially Parks & Rec, definitely worth a look - not as funny as those, but just … nice.

I thought The Mandalorian wrapped up well. A good season from one of the best Saturday morning cartoons ever made (and definitely the most expensive!). Nothing complex but excellent serialized adventure TV. For me, it was almost the perfect balance of fan service and occasional dives into lore; only in one episode (“The Jedi”) did I think they were taking it too far into spin-off land.

Apparently there were tons of easter eggs for those who have watched Rebels and The Clone Wars, or even played assorted games and read forgotten novels from the 80s, but except for that one episode, those didn’t matter at all - those who knew enjoyed the easter egg; and they weren’t distracting for those who didn’t know (like me - familiar with the movies but very little else).

Mild spoiler for mid-season stuff: Yay, Boba Fett has finally done something to match the reputation he’s undeservedly had all these years!

BIG spoilers for ending:

I was sort of annoyed with myself for actually getting emotional when Luke showed up, but it was cool to see Luke getting a dramatic badass scene like Vader’s at the end of Rogue One (Vader’s was far better, however!). And I’m curious where they’re going next: are we done with Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian? In the next season, is the titular Mandalorian going to be crime-lord Boba Fett rather than whatever Pedro Pascal was called? And I guess it’s a little sad that Baby Yoda was presumably later killed by Kylo Ren - or maybe he became a Knight of Ren? Not that the last movie ever clarified who the heck they were.

A Christmas classic.

Star Wars Holiday Special 1978.

Some of the best 2 hours in TV history.

Wookie Life Day.

The cartoon portion of the TV show.

Short review

I am intending to watch the first episode of these to see if any retain my interest.

  • The Bonfire of Destiny
  • Ted Lasso
  • Middleditch and Schwartz
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Mank

That one is more like a Yuletide fire. Never exactly grabs you, you just gradually get warmed up and realize it’s a thoroughly pleasant experience.


I really love that show as it’s so relatable to my life right now. The Allen Iverson practice speech got me laughing so hard.

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