What TV are you watching (2021)?


Scrubs is still high on watch lists. I like it.

Just me and a 4-person camera crew.


Been through 12 9 episodes of season 1 in the last few days. Only 25 minutes each so not so bad. Just a good, feel good, funny show.

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Which platform are you watching Scrubs on? Been wanting to watch it again.

If you like the show, you may enjoy their ‘re-watch’ podcast that they started last year.

I’m right there with you! It’s heartbreaking because I owned the entire series on DVD back in the day, but they all ended up with my ex for various reasons.

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Not everything, but something.



Don’t think I’ve even heard of this one. High scores.

Have you realized they’re supposed to be using Mandarin Chinese as part of the lingo? I was a few episodes in when I realized that’s what they were doing. Even worse pronunciation than mine.

Could fit in new film Archive under Ex-Machina et al. Decent effort.

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It’s on Amazon, Hulu, maybe some others. I think Netflix dropped it.

Rewatch podcast not sure bout dat.

Finished Season 1.

Awesome show that had people complaining about cancellation for years.

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The Expats: International Ingrams

First season of a reality show that follows expats as they relocate around the globe.

This one happens to include Taiwan and Germany.

On Apple TV, Amazon, don’t know where else.


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And every year fans are baited with hopes and rumors of a reboot…

Fawlty Towers is having a run on Changhua MOD channel 620.

Taiwan makes the Big Times! (well, small Big Times). HBO Asia detective show Trinity of Shadows is a serial that airs for two hours on Sundays at 9:00.
Not bad, but mostly interesting for Taiwan views and perspectives. It involves police corruption, political corruption, prejudice against SE Asians, sleazy media, gangsters, prostitution- all those aspects that make Taiwan our beloved home.
In Chinese with English subtitles.