What TV are you watching (2021)?


Is it just me or are the shows kind of shit the last year or so. Nothing really amazing out since 2020. Bunch of mehs

Loki is really cool, agreed.

I checked out Mankind, I thought it was mediocre. Trying too hard to capture/capitalize on the nostalgic era, mediocre writing, meh actors. I know it’s fairly popular though.

Loki was surprisingly good. When I thought they were about to pull a Starbwars/Star Trek/Dr. Who moment, they didn’t
Happily surprised.

I can’t reconcile the two Owen Wilsons.
The serious detective role vs his usual party crasher imagine.
They are two different people

Watching Ed O’Neill…
Love him in Modern Family
Revisiting. Married with Children

Checking out Popeye Doyle. …
I like the detective character the best.
Wish he would have done more.
Any other Ed O’Neill suggestions?

You watching season 1? I thought season 1 was all around good. I can’t say the same about season 2.

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I saw that Kim’s Convenience finally made it to Netflix here in Taiwan.

I started it on Monday and have not stopped watching since. About 8 episodes in in season 1. Excited to see that there’s 4 more seasons.

Growing up in a similar household, I can relate to a lot of the things that happen on this show. I really really like the b-role footage, really gives the feeling you are in Toronto.

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Just finished watching it yesterday. The second season couldn’t come soon enough. I’m amazed how much they were able to do in just 6 episodes.

It got really philosophical in the process. I really like the Sylvie character. I also love Old Loki. Owen Wilson is amazing, glad that he will definitely be around for the second season.

By the way, with the TVA and the tempad, people now can travel anywhere anytime and to any timeline. That seems like a giant plothole for the plot of Endgame.

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That’s too much to take in now. Question: Is that the same Owen Wilson Character who was made to forget everything due to timey winey magical phenomenon taking over the TVA or is it a whole other group of people in a different dimension.

If it is the first option they can work on reviving latent surpressed memories.

If it’s the second option it’ll be like starting off at square one again and that would seem like a lot of wasted work from a character building storytelling point of view.
And what about Owen Wilson’s friend. They should have gave us something for too from her point of view.

John From Cincinnati.


Accessible full episode or full movie suggestions please.
Youtube, Dailymotion link no problem. Any gray or Chinese link please private message.
I won’t watch it but it would be good to know. Really I don’t watch gray area things, seriously.

I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Watch it or don’t. You asked for more Ed. I gave you more Ed. :idunno:

He’s talking about the type of link he’d click, not content.

I didn’t provide a link to click. He can find it if he so chooses. :idunno:

Um … is there a non-gray way to currently watch Loki in Taiwan?

Sorry, I was being lazy. I did a quick search and I couldn’t find it. I’ll go to duck duck go. Yeah, I was hoping for a link or at least a site…
I have to check out the quote you sent me…
I can’t stop imagining it…
A thousand apologies…

I barely held out hope through the first season of Naked Director. I’ll skip season 2 for now.

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I saw several theories, but I initially felt by the time he went back to the TVA, the multi-timeline war already concluded with a new winner controlling the TVA. If the winner chooses to just have one timeline, he can dictate it to his liking, from the past to the edge of the end of time.

Although, chances are there won’t just he be one timeline or one universe again because all of the multiverse talk in phase IV.

If the TVA using the tempad can go to any branch and any point on the timeline and prune the ones they don’t like, the avengers could have resolved the Thanos problem very differently if they get a hold of a tempad.

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Right now I love it.
I actually walked out when I thought Loki was ****.
When I came back to the house, the family told me he wasn’t.
I love the mix of old and modern technology…

Too bad Disney says no DVDs. If the people at Disney can pull off an ending that won’t alienate Traditional fans or alienate anyone for that matter,I’d buy it. I’d buy only the first season right now if I were confident the story would end well and they offered good commentary tracks and extra materials.
Would you buy the DVD?

That Sexy Beasts show hit netflix, I’m ashamed to say I’m aware. It’s not terrible. It helps a bit that Rob Delaney is the narrator too. Quite the impressive job with makeup.

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It’s an older show and will be archived somewhere. or DL it.

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