What TV are you watching (2021)?


WandaVision, episode 3, really getting intriguing and interesting.


Lupin is apparently #1 or near on Netflix now.

It’s not the best show but it’s fun and easy to watch.

If anyone wants to see a good french tv series Le Bureau des legendes is the way to go. It’s absolute marvel up till season 3.


I’ve started the French semi-historical period drama The Bonfire of Destiny with a friend that wants to watch. The first episode is good setting up for the future and I expect it to get better.

The Comey Rule

On FX again with Chinese subtitles if want to watch with someone that wants the Chinese.

Episode 1 on now.

I liked WandaVision from the beginning. Maybe it helps that when I was a young child stuck in doors every weekend with nothing to do except watching four channels on terrestrial television, I’d watch reruns of the shows that most influenced WandaVision, like Bewitched and I Love Lucy, and so I have a special place in my heart for them. Also, I read the comics this seems to be loosely adapted from (House of M by Brian Bendis and the brilliant The Vision by Tom King), so I kind of understand where this is all heading (I think)…

But even without that background, I appreciate that Marvel Studios are doing something different and unique instead of usual superhero fare. I hope the gamble pays off. Superhero shit is getting boring.


Yea, I’m into WandaVision now. Curious to see where it’s going, which I expect is where no one has gone before.

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The New Pope

Anyone watched it?

With Jude Law and John Malkovich.

Just saw an episode where he was crowd surfing in front of the Vatican. Saw a couple episodes before and bored but now I’m really wow really interested.

On FX tonight.


On FX now. Another show I’m going to binge later.

And just noticed Aubrey Plaza is in it. I’m sold, she is a riot, and more than cute.

This finished today, pretty meh in the end


Wow, so good. Turning into a whole new concept for television and movies. I’m up to date at S01E04. Watched it twice just so I could piece together all the connections to the first three episodes. Might go back and start over.

If and when you do watch it just start with episode 1 and progress.


Oh don’t worry darling, I have everything under control.

Its Wanda, it’s all Wanda.

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So, we got Disney for a month bc we wanted to watch Soul.

What else is worth my time? I tried to sit through Wandavision, but was really turned off by the b/w thing. So, what’s the best of Disney?

Currently watching American Gods. So far so good.

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S01E05 great episode and now starting to bring story together.

Now we know that Wanda is in control, but of what exactly, and now the question of is someone else pulling the strings.

Hamilton and The Mandalorian are the two new[ish] releases that have gotten most of the attention, I think, apart from Wandavision.

I enjoyed The Mandalorian, but one of the best things about it is, if you don’t like the first one or two episodes, you can happily quit - it’s just not for you. Unlike too many other shows: “Oh, the first 48 hours are a bit of a slog, but then it gets good!”. Which I have posted here about Star Trek: The Next Generation. At least in those days you could happily jump in with Season 3 of a show and easily figure out what’s going on.

But isn’t the main appeal the deep catalogue? I suspect the highest quality stuff on there is anything Pixar circa 2000-2010.

Note that Disney isn’t technically available in Taiwan yet, so most of us don’t really know what’s on it.

I saw that and def wanted to check out the hubbub.

Lupin…in French and I realizes it was difficult to understand the entire chapter… merci


No reason. First episode kind of simple.

SMH@Shonda Rhimes garbage shows.

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