What TV are you watching (2021)?

I think I know what you’re saying. The show turned to shite after episode 1. No idea what they are thinking. Acting, script, etc. Sucks.

I’ve resorted to guilty pleasures lately, ‘high-end’ entertainment like The Real Housewives of Potomac. Been watching it on Bravo with USTVNow, not sure if it’s on Netflix as well.

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The Grey’s Anatomy formula repeated ad nauseum… :nauseated_face:

Which is? Sleep with everyone and then kill off the main character and have another go at everyone?

what’s an atomy?

General Hospital with indie rock and annoying monologues…

Smaller than a moleculey?

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Any Mad Men fans here? I know I’m late to the party, but I recently started it and just finished season 3. I think if I’d known the premise before watching, I wouldn’t have bothered because I would have found it uninteresting, but it’s actually very good. It’s always a sign of a great storyteller when the lead protagonist is so unlikeable and yet so likeable at the same time.

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loved it, have been through it more than once. the music, the booze, the drama, the suits, the people, the times they are a changing. so good. my mom was alive then and she said it looks really authentic.

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This BBC Film-Series- Can’t Get You Out of My Head is telling the bizarre story of how the world became what it is in the last 70 or so years. The rise of conspiracies, the birth of the computer, revolutions in China, the end of the British Empire, and the birth of individualism all intertwined, just to name a few.

Part One below. Reallllly good:

I don’t know, in a quick look it looks silly. We’re living at the absolute peak of human achievement and flourishing, seems like really exaggerated doom and gloom. Is the first minute really what it’s going to be?

Is the first minute going to be the 9 hour series? No. Give it a pass if you’d like. It’s really good though. I actually saw half of the final film first and have since gone back to watch the first.

I have limited patience and I felt like I wanted to stab myself after one minute. Most likely I will.

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It’s honest. It centers on individuals and their changing perceptions as societies changed through natural and manufactured means. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a good time or to feel cheery about modern history or the current state of the world. I can say it’s thoughtful and compelling, well directed. The archival footage alone is worth it to me but I like documentaries.

It just seemed exaggerated. I’m the last guy to ask, I don’t watch anything. I’ll try to give it more of a go than 1 minute lol.

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Well a documentary needs a thesis, a first episode of a series needs sexiness, etc. The tired adage about books and their covers. As to your second point I can relate, I hardly watch any series, programs or even movies. Hence not being active in these threads. However I considered this one well worthy of attention. If you do give it a go let me know :innocent:

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BBC News - Hit TV show Frasier to be revived after 20 years


I know that show has its fans, but I found it dull as dishwater. The only character I found a little endearing and funny was the Dad, and now the actor who played him is dead, so I can safely say I won’t be tuning into the reboot.

What about the dog!?

Always had a soft spot for Lillith, myself…

Poor dog would definitely be a goner by now too! :wink:

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