What TV shows are you watching (2021)?


The New Pope.

Watched first episode. This is good stuff. I am immediately rewatching the first episode again.

Erotic, modern music lots of background music good soundtrack, even the chanting comes with reggae, techno, etc. background, neon lights and nuns dancing like music video, interesting to see and hear how music choice had such an impact and affect on a situation like voting for a new pope.

Finished Lego Masters (US version) on Hulu with VPN.
Started watching Lego Masters (Australia version) free on 9Now with VPN.

The Australian version is longer, but less entertaining. Boring with very mediocre hosting.

The US version is more entertaining, funny, and suspenseful.

The show began in the UK, then Australia, and now the US. Was a bit surprised that the US actually copied all the challenges straight from the Australians. Even the US contestants builds closely resembled Australia’s. Kind of took the surprise out of it.

Still a fun show to watch if you and your kids are into Lego. Definitely inspirational for kids.

Speaking of Lego, Costco is selling a box set of 1500 classic bricks for 1400NT. (Retails for 2600 other places) Definitely worth the price at Costco! Went out and bought it. Sat down and built all evening with my kids.


Just watch where you step! :open_mouth:

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Thanks for making me aware of this. Just downloaded the first season (US) and the kids (and I) really like it.

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Lego Masters is great!

Just the kind of fun carefree show the world needs, well, I need.

I wanted to sleep, but started this show, woke me up, now I want to binge.

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I just watched the first two episodes of The Expanse S01. I like it, but the wife thinks it’s boring. Gonna download the other seasons now, definitely worth watching.

I’ve gone nostalgia hunting this week. Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix, and According to Jim on USTVNow. Nice high/low emotional roller coaster.

It takes a handful of episodes to get into, my first impression was generic sci-fi show as well. But give it a chance, it turns into a really good show. And I’m indifferent about many of the main characters.

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I’ve already watched 6 7 8 9 episodes of Lego Masters since yesterday. It’s great. Even though the host Will Arnett is dull.

He is a thousand times better than the Australian host. The Australian host is cringe worthy.

Same here. Watching those shows was pretty much my English lessons. I really watched all of them too, I Love Lucy, the Brady Bunch, Full House, pretty much all of them.

In one episode they were parodying Full House, and it got pretty meta, as Wanda has the twins, and the Actresses twin sisters played Michelle on Full House.

I just finished watching WandaVision by the way.

There is one thing that the series implicated that I don’t really see people talking about. The loss of Tony and Black Widow pretty much left things in disarray. The Sword was able to steal Vision’s body, and none of the heroes seems to be in contact or have any kind of support for one another.

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I’ve never heard anyone describe the voice of Bojack Horseman and Gob Bluth as “dull.”

Some of his puns are cringe, but he’s probably forced to say them. The show is for kids mostly.

Snowfall season 4. On the 80s crack cocaine craze and the Iran-Contras scandal.

Still brilliant and one of the most strangely underrated shows of the last years, deserves a lot more buzz. A plethora of superb character actors and spot-on aesthetics.

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The New Pope is really good. John Malcovich is phenomenal actor in it.

Here’s a short scene with Sharon Stone revising a scene from 20 years ago.

And the original scene.

This is one of those shows I’ve always been intrigued by, but haven’t had the chance to dig into yet.

The Serpent, a series that just started about a serial killer in Asia in the 1970s who specialised in poisoning and robbing travellers (as backpackers were called then). Lots of good scenery, kind of disjointed.
The book had a big impact on me and my friends when it came out in 1979, as some of us had been tripping around Asia at that time and knew a lot of the places and situations.

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I’ve been watching this one too. The time switches don’t really bother me, and they did a great job with the 1970s SEA period feel.

Fucking loving it. So homesick for Bangers.

WandaVision basically is about Wanda as a super being dealing with tremendous loss. It the sitcom gimmick only works because of this premise, and I think the show pulled it off beautifully.

Given Wanda’s power, would you have done any differently after suffering a tremendous loss?