What TV shows are you watching (2021)?


The Expanse is great. Glad I heard about it here. Mid season 3 now. Love the Amos and Chris Jen characters.


The Nevers. Joss Whedon was the showrunner until his recent troubles forced him to step down and HBO try to downplay his involvement, which is pretty hard with his name plastered all over the credits.
It’s set in late Victorian London, which has undergone an unusual event which no-one remembers, but which has caused a number of people to manifest special powers- sort of a steampunk X-men.
First one was kind of slow, but my big complaint is the good guys (mostly women) display an anachronistic 21st C. wokeness in their dealings, while the bad guys ( so far) are evil reactionaries. Good costuming and settings.
It may get better. It’s Monday night on HBO at (I think) 10:00.

Who is the audience for this? Tiger King was popular a year ago, but for myself (and this may be true for a lot of people) I associate it with the beginning of the COVID pandemic and that’s just not something I want to revisit. Those who don’t conjure that association probably still won’t care for it. Why watch this Hollywood reenactment, when you can rewatch the real documentary series?

Also how can you make a whole long-running TV show out of it? Are they going to make up wacky storylines about Tiger King losing his large cats in the mall? This dumb thing won’t last a season.

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Space 1999


TV show from 1975. Hate to say realistic because a bit old but still really good.

Season 1 Episode 1 and others available free on YouTube.


I just finished the first season of ‘Ozark.’ It’s alright. Like a less good clone of ‘Breaking Bad’ with some ‘Fargo’ thrown in. Bateman is great in the role though. I’d give it a B-


Speaking of Breaking Bad. I got to like halfway through season 2 and decided that I didn’t like it that much, so I never bothered with the rest of it.

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It gets MUCH better after season 3 or so. The first two seasons are just okay. Hmmn. Maybe Ozark will also pick up!

I’ve never seen Ozark either but the reviews improved a lot from season 2 onward. I am interested though, mainly because of Laura Linney, whom I love.

I don’t really like how Breaking Bad claims to be this serious modern classic, but also injects itself with a ton of gory, OTT shock value. The combination makes it tonally really uneven imo.

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I started Breaking Bad, got bored and stopped, picked it up a year or so later and it was amazing. One of the best shows ever in history of TV.

They’re like three scenes in Breaking Bad that will forever be burned into my memory. Starting with pool, wheelchair in retirement home, and in the desert…

Ozark pulled me in once I paid attention when it got interesting. I don’t know about the latest season.

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I loved it when I was little. Now I would love to own an Eagle but they cost an arm, a leg and a liver on eBay. Watched the first episode on YouTube recently too, bit of nostalgia.

The number #1 rated British TV sitcom in history. Time to put on playlist.

Fawlty Towers.


I binged Falcon and the Winter Soldier and I will say I enjoyed it. It’s weird seeing the two main characters paired together as you always saw them as supporting roles to Cpt America/Steve Rogers. The banter between the two was there and that’s really all I wanted see in this series. The plotline was great, acting was spot on and…dat Sharon Carter.

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i finally started watching Big Mouth on Netflix. i found it crass and skipped it when i first saw it a few years back. i’m absolutely hooked now, it’s brilliant. the writing, animation, voice acting (and cast!) are just awesome.

One of the best documentary series I have ever seen. So high school, so idiotic. Then it gets dark. The end of season 1 is sad. Season 2 ends with hope. Not so high school anymore. I really wish if there were season 3.


Not sure where they would’ve gone with season 3. It was a great show, but the concept seemed pretty finite and they had already covered dicks and shit. I thought the first season was stronger than the second; the characters documenting it felt more invested since it was happening at their school. Also, Dylan was hilarious. Second season was still pretty good though. Cancellation was a shame, but perhaps it was for the best they went out on top.


The reviews don’t look good for it.

88% on RT is pretty good.

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I never look at critics scores anymore. But it seems the audience also likes it.

I’ve just heard it wasn’t that good. Maybe I’ll give it a shot now.

It’s not perfect, not many shows are, but I still enjoyed it. I will be very honest and say it lacks in fight choreography (compared to Cpt America movies, not other TV shows) and the villian is kind of meh at times.

RT has very few tv ratings. It’s not a good parameter.