What TV shows are you watching (2022)


R1 is brilliant, easily the best Disney-era film. The sequels are comparatively trash. And yes, with Andor, even better. Can we hope for some Krennic in season 2 (actor is prob too busy but who knows…)?

Imagine a world where Disney had a modicum of restraint and only made SW films that had a reason for being such as R1. I used to really dislike the prequels but many fans have made compelling arguments for why the Disney sequels are even worse, and I can’t say they’re wrong. As stupid as Lucas’s ideas could be, at least they were his, and not cooked up by a committee in a boardroom checking off boxes.

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I liked that the entire book of boba fett turned out to be a covert mandalorian episode

Sort of TV related. That 90s Show is coming to Netflix in January .

I’m an 80s fantasy nerd, so the Willow series I’ve been looking forward to

30 minutes into the first episode, it feels like GoT strongly geared towards adolescent girls

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Murderville is great.


Didn’t expect to like it but first episode was fun enough to keep watching.

Directed by Tim Burton

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Just watched the first episode. They ruined it. Too clean, too Disneyfied, weapons look fake, acting is dry and forced, too much modern times influnce in their voices and mannerisms, and of course Disney with their agenda had to throw in an obligatory lesbian affair between main characters…just to check it off their checklist. It feels too forced. Not against it, but the way they are doing it is like trying to preach.

Its all…meh. And without Val Kilmer it has lost its spark.

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white lotus is pretty outstanding. 2nd season better than the first.

Halfway through Andor. It’s great.

Imagine how good Disney’s Star Wars rep would be if they were halfway restrained and only made worthwhile projects like Andor and Rogue One.


It ends too soon. You will be left wanting more right when things get really good.

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Setting up for a second season then!

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I watched the first episode of season 2 after liking season 1.

Did not seem as interesting in Italy.

Wednesday is pretty darn good. Just binged five episodes.

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Not as good as the excellent season 1. But still among the best TV of the year. And quite the nice twist in the end.

Been watching Andor it actually got pretty damn good. Slow start but picks up a lot. I’m about halfway at this point but definitely feel better about it than any star wars movie or show in a long time

season 1 was great as well, but I find them characters a lot more interesting in season 2. A lot more interesting with more depth, especially the non guests.

Finished ‘Andor’… what a great show. 9/10
I’ve heard the other Star Wars shows on Disney+ aren’t as high caliber, so I’m reluctant to check them out and be disappointed.

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Obi-Wan was … fine. Nowhere near Andor level; definitely carried by Ewan McGregor’s charisma. Book of Boba Fett started promisingly - “Oh, this is interesting, how are they going to develop this?” But then they dropped everything interesting. The Mandalorian is a fun Saturday morning TV cartoon, in live-action, done really really well, so if that appeals to you, I’d recommend it. (And if you care about the story for that one, you’ll eventually have to watch a couple of episodes late in the season of Boba Fett.)

The various animated series are the same league as the 1990s Batman cartoon for me: I’ve repeatedly heard there’s a lot of good stuff buried in there, but I’ve never watched any of them. Knowing that Jar-Jar is a character does not exactly encourage me.

Merry Christmas from the rebellion!


Thanks for the analysis… and the laughs. Merry Christmas!

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