What TV shows are you watching 2024?

I watched that last summer, maybe I was embarrassed to post about it :joy:

I guess I first saw Goggins in Predators, but it was probably Sons of Anarchy where I looked up his name (never watched The Shield, maybe some day)

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One of the best shows ever. Up there with Sopranos and The Wire. So underrated. Watch the first episode and you’ll be hooked. Trust me.


Just finished watching Succession, which is one of the best shows I’ve seen. Fantastic dramatic writing, incredible acting, wickedly funny, and inventive filming/cinematography. I put it in my favorites of all time, which include Watchmen, Breaking Bad, and Sopranos.

Though all the characters are unlikable and they’re always doing/saying terrible things to each other, I somehow managed to feel a little sympathy, fondness, and admiration for different characters. It’s very Shakespearean!


Will watch…at least a few episodes but have low expectations

The Acolyte … new Star Wars series summary

  1. The main character has two mothers
  2. All of the main Jedi characters are Black or Asian, zero White men.
  3. In the first episode, the only speaking role for a white character was for prisoners.

In Episode 3, they plan to throw away all Star Wars cannon and also start using pronouns. One reviewer who has seen the episode said it will destroy all remaining affection the fans had for Star Wars

The Acolyte is a queer, Marxist vandalization of the myth of Star Wars. In The Acolyte, the Force is a metaphor for cultural hegemonic power. The Jedi are a metaphor for cisgender white oppressors who hoard the power for themselves. Yes, it really is that obnoxious and stupid.


Can you break the habit of a lifetime and not reward them? Or will you let it contaminate your cherished memories by watching it?

I watched fallout. It’s enjoyable at times but the story itself is pretty bad as is some of the acting. The best parts are with the ghoul but even then the plot and writing can be nonsensical and eye roll inducing.

Still, despite all it’s flaws it was somewhat easy to finish. I just really hated the brotherhood of steel parts specifically. I also didn’t like the main character very much.

The best parts are definitely the supporting cast (and the ghoul of course)


Rome (HBO/BBC co-production) was (is still?) available for purchase in the Apple Store for US$20. I pulled the trigger on Sunday. At twenty years old, it’s always been near the top of my favorite tv series ever.

Watched the first episode last night (haven’t seen it in years), and it’s holding up just fine. The casual cruelty of the Roman Empire is in full bloom; I had forgotten just how laugh-out-loud comedic Polly Walker is as Atia of the Julii (post-coitus but still astride her handyman, Timon, “This was not a hardship for me. I’ve always found something perversely erotic about goaty little men.”).

S1E1 revolves around soldiers Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus, the relationship between Pompey and the Senate, Caesar’s Roman politicking from Gaul, and the stolen Eagle of the 13th Legion.

From a scriptwriting view, using a ficticious “lost” Eagle to pave the way plot-wise to the coming civil war between Caesar and Pompey is super economical, I get that. Still, I would have loved to see them work the real cause of the civil war - the arrogance of uber-wealthy Crassus, who was the third leg of the Caesar/Pompey/Crassus center of power in the Roman republic, and the Parthian slaughter of his son, 7 Roman legions, and Crassus himself at Carrhae in 53BC - into a longish prequel.

Carrhae is a battle worthy of Hollywood (c’mon Ridley Scott) and I wish Rome could have worked it in somehow.

Anyway, great show.


Yes, one of my favorites. Super underrated. Love Titus Pullo (RIP Ray Stevenson). It was originally supposed to run 4-5 seasons, but was severely curtailed due to its budget and the second season is compressed and suffers as a result. They tried to cram their plot lines for the remaining seasons into S2 with mixed results as the pacing makes it seem like a decade happens over a couple weeks. James Purefoy who played Mark Antony has said HBO wanted to allocate Rome’s huge budget for another upcoming show… something called Game of Thrones. It was a couple years off but they had already begun planning for it. I’ll leave it up to you whether you think Rome’s sacrifice was worth GoT.


Ugh. I didn’t know that. Last (second) season of Rome was way more coherent than the last season of GoT.

And now it only seems natural to wonder how much Martin losing his personal assistant, Ty Franck, in 2011, had to do with Martin’s sputtering out as a writer and the terrible last season of GoT.

Franck went on to become half of the writing team known as James S.A. Corey and as such co-wrote the novels that became the basis for SyFy’s The Expanse. Also very good tv, btw.


Just watched Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell on Amazon Prime Video. Alternative history story in which magic has been gone from England for 300 years and is brought back by 2 magicians. Decent characters, storyline, and pacing. I think it was BBC originally and based on a popular book. 7 episodes, so just the right length for a weekend if you don’t have a life. I’d give it a solid 8/10.


One of my favorite scifi series. The books were even better.

My son and I went back to watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. We’re on the 8th episode or so of the first season. We tried various different shows on Netflix but nothing seemed good. So back to Star Trek for now. I’m enjoying it as the show was something I watched almost daily years ago when getting a degree, and it was that one bright point in my day during a seriously stressful time. I think I started in the 2nd or 3rd season, though, so watching the beginning episodes is interesting.


Yeah, the first and second seasons are often very rough. But if you already know you’re going to watch the whole thing through, I think it’s good to start from the beginning. I enjoyed doing that a few years ago.

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The Chief Medical Officer in the episode I watched yesterday isn’t in the later episodes. I thought for sure she was going to die in the show yesterday, and therefore explain her absence in the later seasons. I guess she bites the dust in a later episode because she made it through some type of virus scare with accelerated ageing in the episode yesterday!

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Keeping track of the different Chief Engineers in Season 1 - before Geordi takes over - can be mildly amusing. Here’s a Reddit thread with some background.

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The Next Generation was probably my favorite show growing up and I tried re-watching parts of it, but it has aged a bit. Or I have.


We have Disney+ now. I’ll look for this.

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Saw episode 1 yesterday and laughed a lot. They are running through seasons I guess

Very funny, or very stupid.

HITS on Changhua channel 620

Your son watched the pilot episode Encounter at Farpoint and kept on watching with you? He must loves you very very much.


Yeah, the beginning episodes aren’t great. I remember absolutely loving the show, though. Do you suggest we skip to another season? We’re going through the episodes very slowly now.

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The dilemma is Q is introduced in the pilot episode. So despite the pilot being weird as F, if you skip the pilot, you would lack the context to understand some of the important episodes, especially the finale.

I’m sure there’s a list for the optimal order of episodes to introduce newbies to TNG somewhere on the internet. Although, considering how much the networks wanted to keep shows away from having continuity, I suspect you can watch season 3 and season 4 first, then go back to season 1 and 2, and then finish it up with season 5, 6 and 7. That’s just my guess.