What TV talk show would you be on?

What TV show are you most likely to end up in?

  • Dr. Phil
  • Oprah
  • Judge Judy
  • Ricky Lake
  • Jerry Springer
  • Cheaters
  • Survivor
  • Amazing race
  • Who wants to be a millionaire?

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What show are you most likely to end up in and why?

a) Dr. Phil
b) Oprah
c) Judge Judy
d) Ricky Lake
e) Jerry Springer

Singapore’s most wanted (for seditious posts, apparently).



“Got Blood?”

The Bachelorette :howyoudoin:

Just read the description:

The only ones I recognize are Oprah and Jerry Springer but I haven’t seen either, so I don’t really know.
I wouldn’t mind being in Magic Roundabout, though.

Shijie da butong

Oprah, because I believe only in the empowerment of woman :blah: :blah: :blah: :smiley:

I’d like to be the host on that Taiwanese game show where all the girls play silly games dressed in bikinis… :homer:

Nope, the climate here forced me to make my clothing as light as possible and so I skipped the underpants. This show would be toooo dangerous for me.

So long,


I want to be with Thomas the Tank Engine on Shining Time Station, but only if I get to meet George Carlin AND Ringo Starr.

Then again, I’d settle for La Femme Nikita.


[quote=“bob_honest”]Nope, the climate here forced me to make my clothing as light as possible and so I skipped the underpants. This show would be toooo dangerous for me.

So long,


Hope your zippers can take the strain!

Remember catching a bizarre night of one of those some years back. The lasses were all playing twister when one highly attractive bikinied young thing loudly farted in an ooponents face. apparently it also packed something of a punch. Some gentle ribbing and mild blushing and the show went on . . only in Taiwan I guess.


[quote=“jdsmith”]No WWE RAW???

“Got Blood?”[/quote]

Industry term: “juice,” as in, “I was offered 500 bucks extra to juice tonight.” “Blading” is another term. Like, “Ric’s blading himself on the mat while the camera should focus on Dusty.”

They turn it black & white here. Kinda cheapens the effect.

Oh - any it’s 100% real. You take a razor, clip off a sharp corner with sheers, then athletic tape the thing so the “blade” (about a half cm) can be tucked into your wrist tape, trunks, boot, nestled under a turnbuckle or even taped to the ref’s finger. Really, often when you see the ref “check” on a guy like he’s prying open his eyes to check up on him, he’s quickly slashing away at the worker’s temple or forehead. Sometimes it’s a gentle sawing motion for about a second.

It sucks if you’re a newbie, because you have to really cut yourself deep. Most veterans have scar tissue and that’s easy to “juice.” Sometimes they can just do it “hardway” (taking a literal pop in the face/head).

You’ll notice most workers puff their cheeks and take deep breaths as if they’re winded or in shock - that’s just to get the juice flowing.

Nicks and cuts to the head bleed like fountains, especially if you’ve take an aspirin or had a stiff drink or two before a match. If you’re working a match that lasts 10 minutes, the adrenilin gets the blood flowin’ too.

All that to sell for a match…

Anyways, ECW did it better. Terry Funk & Sabu in a barbed wire rope match known as “born to be wired,” where Sabu legitimately ripped his bicep open. Nasty. Being a professional, he simply taped the thing up and finished the match (which was to go on longer than it did, but both men were so tangled up in the barbed wire that they had to do a quick pin 'round 8 minutes in because they couldn’t barely move).

Then there’s the “Taipei Death Match” (?!?) Where Ian and Axl Rotten finished their feud by taping up their hands, dipped 'em in glue and then into shards of broken beer bottles and worked the match!

I’ve yet to see that transpire on the island, but it did in Philly!

I won’t even go into the CZW garbage wrestling where they have yearly tournaments where it’s basically 3 hours of watching guys demolish themselves with a plethora of foot-long light tube contraptions. That stuff makes ECW’s most violent stuff pale in comparisson (and frankly sucks). Okay. I lied. I went into it, but RAW is Sesame Street compared to these shows…

However, on RAW, you do get Vince McMahon pulling things out of a plastic anus. (no joke). I guess that’s like being on Jerry Springer, init?