What will be open and won't be open over CNY?

What will be open and what won’t be open over CNY?

Some bars and all 7-11s will be open. :thumbsup:

if you’re in Taipei, most of the big chains will be

Today all supermarkets will still be open 24/7. Most will close earlier Saturday and open partially Sunday.

Banks will be closed next week, all week. All public offices will close.

Vets and dentists and private clinics will most likely be closed until Wednesday or Thursday. Many will open Friday or Saturday.

Stuff like Subway, Costco, some department stores, etc. will close earlier on Saturday, say 5 or 6 pm. Some will not open Sunday.

Most small restaurants will close until Wednesday or the end of the break.

Most importantly, NO GARBAGE COLLECTION, until Wednesday. Plan acordingly.

Here’s an article in today’s TT with listings about when some things will be open or not:

“Out and about during the Lunar New Year”:

taipeitimes.com/News/feat/ar … 2003465785

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Very good reminder Icon, thanks, you’ve done a good public service.

Does anyone have any reliable info or links regarding public transport over this weekend, esp. Saturday evening?


Depends where you’re wanting to go. Traffic should be fairly light on Saturday evening – that’s New Year’s Eve and there’s a big meal at that time, so most travellers will have arrived by that time.

Yeah, I know that :sunglasses: , but will there be buses? We’re not keeping New Year and are just doing things as normal and need to be somewhere by about 7:15 (from Muzha to Da’an). Normally we leave about 6:35, so all I need to know is if there will be buses in that evening meal period and what sort of service there’ll be. We’re on some pretty busy, major bus routes here, 236, 530 etc.

From the same article that I posted a link to above:

If you don’t want to count on a bus that might come later than you need looks like you could take the MRT to the Da an area and cab it to wherever you are going.

Just remember taxis charge a surcharge for New Year, about 20nts, no biggie.[quote=“Dark Horse”]From the same article that I posted a link to above:

If you don’t want to count on a bus that might come later than you need looks like you could take the MRT to the Da’an area and cab it to wherever you are going.[/quote]

Buses should be running, just not as frequently as during workdays.

Anybody know if the post offices will be open at any point next week?

Not till at least Thursday. The total number of days this year still confuses me. I have read it is 9 days but the official calendar seems to only list till the 17th. It could be another case of office workers making days up later in the month.

I went to my government-run swimming pooll last night only to find they had closed early already and had a poster outside saying they would be closed through Wednesday and reopen Thursday. I am guessing this may be the case for the post offices.

Yup unfortunate for me.

I guess the shipping is down. Everything is down.

my 3-5 day guarantee just got thrashed. Westerners don’t “get” Chinese New Year.

It is not an excuse so I have to find a work around.

Ask 7-11, DHL might still be working. Yes, expensive as hell, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Thanks for all that, folks. We’ll just set off extra early as planned then. We’re on major bus routes, so we should be OK. :laughing:

DJK, it’s a shame that people are so intolerant, isn’t it? Some folk don’t ‘get’ anything outside of their own little world and what’s happening in their neighbourhood. Sick and SO selfish! Stick to your guns though! Some folk really ought to learn! Make the intolarant customer pay the DHL fees. They wouldn’t expect delivery at Xmas at home, so why should they expect it now? People have to learn to take things as they are, not as they want them to be. I’m afraid that no shipping availability IS an excuse to not meet your 3-5 day target, and a jolly good one too. You can only work with what services are available.

Post Office is closed all week until Feb 22nd.

post.gov.tw/post/internet/j_ … y-ad-1.pdf

All stores open in my area. Restaurants, too, but not too crowded. Think I’ll head out for steak dinner a bit later… if rain lets up.