What will Taiwan be like in 2025?

Something more along the lines of post war Iraq or Kuwait depending on who wins.

Taiwan part of China, nope.

Juba is not listening to what Taiwanese tell me all the time. If those invaders came in I’d have a few potshots too. Taiwanese are getting more and more nationalistic all the time, after the latest SARS insults people are more turned against the PRC. Besides Taiwanese take most of their current influence from the west and Japan.

What I think is inevitable is a type of economic integration like the early stages of the EU (Treaty of Rome–maybe they’ll call it Treaty of Taipei).
There will definitely be direct links (from next year or two my guess, the economic impetus is impossible to ignore if you are aware of current shipping costs).
PRC will be out, more rabid nationalists in for a while. By 2025 economic interests win through.
We could see some planes shot down and the odd missile or two flying overhead.
KMT and DPP will have gone through more changes of government, could be a pan-Taiwanese govt. in negotiations with both PRC and US.
If I was the Taiwanese govt’ I’d be busy organising the guys to build the bomb under some mountain in Nantou right now (like what they did in the 70s) …works for US, works for N.Korea, works for China, works for Pakistan, seems likes we could draw a conclusion here. If a country is pointing 300 missiles are your capital city it’s only fair. My guess is the Taiwanese could do it in six months and probably have semi-processed fuel waiting around for that type of eventuality. If they don’t they are stupid. Everybody can see current realities.

Electric scooters in, gas scooters out. Proper sidewalks even in Taoyuan.
Population is reduced slightly. Much cleaner rivers. Tonnes of indoor malls. High speed train. Still no good link to the airport. Great MRT system getting revamped. Same smelly chao dofu. Few stray dogs but still present.